Welcome to our page dedicated to keeping you informed about Henrico County Public Schools redistricting for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years! Please check back regularly to see the latest developments.

With the help of public feedback, the Henrico School Board adopted a middle school redistricting plan to begin in school year 2018-19. The plan is an effort to address school overcrowding and affected the school zones for Brookland, Fairfield, Holman, Hungary Creek, Moody, Short Pump and L. Douglas Wilder middle schools.

Students who will be sixth-graders in fall 2018 and live in the rezoned areas will begin the 2018-19 school year attending their newly zoned middle school. You can see details about the plan by clicking below on “Redistricting Plan Details.”


Approved Option Beginning in the 2018-19 School Year:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When does the approved redistricting plan start?
    The plan takes effect at the start of the 2018-19 school year, with rising sixth-graders. Affected families will be notified in fall 2017.
  2. During the phase-in of the redistricting plan, will transportation be provided?
    Sixth-graders living in the affected areas will be transported to their area’s newly zoned school and seventh- and eighth-graders will be transported to the school for which the area was previously zoned. Transportation will continue to be provided during the two phase-in years. 
  3. My neighborhood has been rezoned to attend a different middle school starting in 2018-19; I would like to apply for a variance for my sixth-grade child to begin attending that newly zoned school a year earlier, in 2017-18. What is the process for requesting a variance and will transportation be provided?
    Sixth graders in 2017-18 may apply for a variance to attend the new middle school that your area will be attending in 2018-19. Requests will be considered if the new school’s enrollment is within current staffing permits. The process for requesting a variance can be found at https://henricoschools.us/school-assignmentvariance/. In accordance with HCPS policy, bus transportation would not be provided to the newly zoned school until 2018-19. 
  4. My child will be a sixth-grader attending the newly zoned middle school in 2018-19. Can my child’s older sibling get a variance to also attend the new school in 2018-19?
    Sixth-graders in the affected areas will attend the newly zoned school in 2018-19. Seventh- and eighth-grade siblings will have the option to attend the newly zoned school with the sixth-grade sibling by applying for a variance. Letters to affected families will be sent in fall 2017 and sibling variance forms should be returned by Dec. 1. Siblings that choose this option will be provided bus transportation to the newly zoned school, in accordance with HCPS policies. If older siblings choose to remain at the previously zoned school, bus transportation will continue to be provided during the two phase-in years. Unless other circumstances warrant a variance, sixth-graders in 2018-19 will not be given variances to attend the previously zoned middle school.
  5. My family is moving into one of the rezoned areas and my child will be a middle school student in 2018-19. What school will my child attend?
    In 2018-19, sixth-graders will attend the newly zoned middle school. Seventh- and eighth-graders will attend the previously zoned middle school. 

Check out the June 22 presentation to the School Board on the latest in the redistricting process.

The presentation materials include an analysis of a recent public survey on redistricting options.

Watch the final presentation to the School Board, and the School Board redistricting vote:

INTERACTIVE MAP (beta version)Check out a test version of a new interactive HCPS redistricting map! Type in your address on the map, then turn different layers on and off to see how various options would affect your neighborhood. Please keep in mind that this map may not work on all browsers and devices, and is a supplement to the PDF maps included with the option descriptions below.

For additional questions:

Please call the HCPS Department of Research and Planning at 804-652-3830 or email boundaries@henrico.k12.va.us. Summer business hours are Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m.– 5:30 p.m.

Henrico County Public Schools would like to express its sincere gratitude to the families and stakeholders who contributed much time, energy and thoughtfulness into the redistricting process. We deeply appreciate and value the feedback we received from an engaged community.

Additional Information:

Past Options:

For questions or additional information, please contact the Henrico County Public Schools Department of Research and Planning at 804-652-3830.

To follow the latest developments in the process, you may also check BoardDocs to view upcoming discussions as well as past presentations. You can also visit our Middle School STEAM integration page to keep up with the gifted academy at Wilder and the integration of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math – concepts across all HCPS middle schools.