Family Learning Series

June 2020 workshop schedule now available

Welcome to HCPS Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

The Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Department is committed to building resource rich school communities, bridging high impact collaborations and partnerships, and boosting transformative family engagement. As the FACE of HCPS we pride ourselves on genuine connections and relationships with our families.

Info for the COVID-19 Response Fund

It is the single act of compassion of several caring individuals that amplifies the power of collective impact.

During crisis situations such as fires, floods, tornadoes, pandemics and government shutdowns, we work closely with county and state interdepartmental agencies and community partners to provide emergency resources to students and their families. We are currently responding to the coronavirus pandemic and your support will make the difference. Please contribute to our COVID-19 response fund which will allow us to stay nimble and responsive as we anticipate the varied needs of our families.


We build relationships and resource-rich school communities.

Our team is responsive to the unique needs of our diverse magisterial districts. Family advocates are based in several of our schools to ensure that the right to achieve for all Henrico students is a priority.


We bridge high-impact collaborations and partnerships.

Understanding that it takes a village, we seek and secure partnerships with entities that best benefit our students, staff and families. Strategic collaborations enhance our learning communities and the educational experiences of our learners.


We boost integrated family involvement and engagement.

With a focus on fun and informative programming opportunities, we aim to support families by supporting their young people and their schools. In addition, we have a family-focused approach, often weaving family voices throughout our processes and decision-making.

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Bridge Builders Academy

Henrico County Public Schools’ Bridge Builders Academy features virtual gatherings and discussions on a host of topics — many related to predominantly virtual learning. Our “Community Conversations” panel discussions about racial equity and change was a popular and powerful addition to the series. The Bridge Builders Academy is presented by HCPS’ Department of Family and Community Engagement and the HCPS Family and Educator Resource Center. Check out videos of past sessions at our Bridge Builders Academy page, where you’ll also find details about upcoming sessions. For more information about the Family And Educator Resource Center, visit the center’s webpage.

Understanding the Difference between an IEP and 504

Presented by Maggie Walsh and Pamela Martin

This session is for parents who would like to learn more about the Individual Education Program and 504 plans and how you can be an active participant in the process.

Vaping Prevention
Presenters: American Heart Association, Henrico Too Smart 2 Start and the Virginia Department of Health

This workshop is designed to provide parents and guardians information about vaping, teen usage, and prevention. 


Prioritizing, Planning and Practicing Self-Care
Presenters: HCPS school-based mental health team

This workshop is designed to walk parents and guardians through understanding self-care, evaluating your current practices, and incorporating guilt-free self-care practices into your week. 

Positively HOME! Supporting Behavior and Strengthening Relationships

Presented by Donna Crocker, HCPS positive behavioral interventions and supports coordinator. 

This workshop is designed to help families create a supportive environment that strengthens family relationships. Discover strategies for responding to behavior and celebrating the positivity each day brings.


Our mobile resource delivery system, affectionately known as Big Blue, is our school division’s mobile resource delivery system. Since its grand entrance on July 19, 2017, Big Blue has brought useful items to students and families, including books, “make-and-take” resources, information regarding exceptional education and other need-based resources. Find Big Blue at events throughout the county, ranging from open houses and literacy nights to summer push-ins and parades. If you’d like to volunteer at one of these events, please complete this form.




New Bridge Learning Center

Adrienne Cole Johnson,
Director of Family Engagement

Debora Ringgold,
Family Engagement Coordinator

Van-Neisha Johnson,
Community Engagement Coordinator

Diane Cotman,
Lead Family Advocate

Syble Pemberton,
Lead Family Advocate

Leroy Adams,
Lead Family Advocate

Alexis Simms,
Family Resource Facilitator

Terry Talbott,

Family & Community Engagement
5915 Nile Mile Road
Henrico, Va. 23223
Adrienne Cole Johnson, Director