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School Psychological Services


School psychologists provide a variety of professional services to support the academic achievement, positive behavior and social and emotional wellness of all students, especially those who struggle with barriers to learning. School psychologists play a critical role in supporting HCPS’ goals. They help to ensure that every student is ready to learn and every teacher is empowered to teach.

School psychologists work with students, teachers, administrators and families to:

  • Improve academic achievement.
  • Promote positive behavior and mental health.
  • Create a safe, positive school climate.
  • Support diverse learners.
  • Strengthen family and school partnerships.
  • Improve schoolwide assessments and accountability.

HCPS school psychologists strive to provide the National Association of School Psychologists’ 10 Domains of Practice. There are currently 12 school psychologists on HCPS’ staff who are nationally certified by the National Association of School Psychologists. This mark of achievement recognizes school psychologists who meet rigorous national standards for graduate preparation and continuing professional development.

Learn more about school psychology in Virginia at the Virginia Department of Education website.

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