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Behavior Support

Behavior Support Team

Behavior support staff aim to enhance the quality of life for students, teachers, and staff across the Henrico County Public School District by promoting evidence-based and effective positive behavior supports that promote socially valid and equitable outcomes for all schools, families, and communities.

Staff provide various levels of support to both elementary and secondary schools. From behavior prevention and intervention to activities and experiences that teach the negative impact of substance use on students’ lives, the team is committed to supporting the whole child.

Areas of Support Offered:

I. Prevention and Intervention Behavioral Support

At the elementary level, eRESET services are coordinated to provide programming that uses evidence-based interventions and a proactive push-in model to provide advanced level behavioral support to students as identified and referred by the school Intervention Team (IT). Trained staff also provide direct intensive services on an as needed basis and consultation to support healthy learning environments.

Youth at the secondary level are provided with an opportunity to satisfy a school initiated behavior consequence in an alternative learning environment. RESET is structured in a manner that students will maintain their academic requirements while also receiving behavior management support and interventions as needed. Dean of Students are essential to providing support to their school communities through their involvement with PBIS and restorative practices and also by collaborating with Intervention Teams to provide direct student services.

HCPS believes that a key factor in protecting young children and promoting resilience is through the development of caring relationships. Henrico H.E.R.O.E.S. is a district-wide mentoring program that connects youth with one-to-one relationships and community support to grow, build upon their strengths, and reach their full potential.

II. Crisis Interaction Behavior Support

The MANDT System is a training offered to essential staff members who are responsible for ensuring a safe and supportive school climate. This training provides evidence-based techniques for conflict resolution and de-escalation to improve response to behaviors.

III. Transitional Behavior Support

Staff work with students who are working toward transitioning from their alternative placement back into the comprehensive setting or a setting deemed appropriate for the students’ success. The goal is to help to establish a plan to implement proactive accommodations and supports. This ensures each student has the greatest likelihood for social/emotional, behavioral and academic success.

IV. Classroom Behavior Support

In an effort to build capacity district-wide, staff provide teachers with professional learning experiences on trauma informed care and effective behavioral strategies. For example, behavior management strategies outlined in CHAMPS help to establish clear classroom behavior expectations, motivate students, while also addressing student needs to yield more responsive and engaged classes.

V. Substance Use Awareness & Intervention

The Substance Use Awareness and Intervention Program is an educational program designed to increase student awareness of the risks of alcohol and other drug use and help students begin to examine the impact this behavior has on the choices available to them. In addition, the program focuses on linking families to appropriate interventions and supports as needed.

For any questions, please reach out to Leslie Velez, K-12 Intervention Specialist at