Cornerstone Alignment:

Safety and Wellness

Academic Growth

Equity and Opportunity


Strategic Goal

Henrico County Public Schools will leverage its strength of diversity and lead dialogue to ensure equity and access for all.

Overview of the Goal

With the growing social and demographic changes in Henrico County, it is necessary to plan and prepare all county students, families, and community stakeholders to be able to productively engage and collaborate to foster access and equity for all. Henrico County Public Schools will educate and embrace the individual’s contributions, creating a culturally responsive community.

Implementation Drivers:

Henrico County Public Schools will:

  • Develop a consensus regarding a common language about equity and diversity, develop an education plan that defines terminology, and provide ongoing education that will empower community stakeholders to find their voices in the effort.
  • Develop an ongoing outreach initiative at the division and school levels that involves and includes all stakeholders. The initiative will build relationships among people who are not traditionally involved due to barriers (e.g. economic, language, social, learning and physical access barriers).
  • Develop an initiative to celebrate and recognize those engaged in the ongoing process of equity and diversity.
  • Support events, activities and celebrations throughout the year related to equity and diversity. This will be documented by inclusion on the agenda at meetings of the School Board and Henrico County Council of PTAs, and dedicated space to highlight the work on HCPS’ website and social media accounts. At the school level, leaders will report quarterly on their school’s activities to the HCPS Director of Equity and Diversity.
  • Develop a multiyear professional development plan for working with all school administrators and instructional staff to engage all schools in courageous conversations about race, equity, access, and culturally responsive practices.
  • Create a group framework for new equity ambassadors serving in high schools.  The ambassadors elevate student voices about equity issues in schools and develop leadership skills.
  • Consider opportunities to create PTA sister-school partnerships, including potentially sharing financial resources, to avoid unintended inequities. 
Outcomes Metrics
  • All stakeholders use the same language around issues of diversity and equity
  • Stakeholders have opportunities to acquire knowledge on the many facets of promoting equity and diversity
  • Stakeholders have opportunities to provide feedback and input, and ways to share their voices
  • Pre- and post-assessment of stakeholders to assess acquisition of common language (assessment could include surveys, social media feedback, community forums and focus groups of stakeholders)


  • Because of outreach efforts, the division and schools document barriers and how they affect equity and diversity
  • Meaningful relationships are built between the school community and all families
  • School buildings are transformed into community hubs unique to the needs of their communities, forming safe spaces for interaction
  • Division and schools report on performance indicators showing existing barriers and the processes by which they were overcome
  • School buildings being used by the community to meet its needs
  • The celebration initiative includes recognition of activities that highlight the equity and diversity work being done at the division and school levels
  • At a minimum, events and recognitions will occur one time each quarter at division and school levels