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Strength in Diversity

Overview of the Goal:

With the growing social and demographic changes in Henrico County, it is necessary to plan and prepare all county students, families and community stakeholders to be able to productively engage and collaborate to foster access and equity for all. Henrico County Public Schools will educate and embrace the individual’s contributions, creating a culturally responsive community.

Strategic Goal:

Henrico County Public Schools will leverage its strength of diversity and lead dialogue to ensure equity and access for all.

Key Performance Metrics

  • HCPS Survey Results
  • Out-of-School Suspension (Equity Index)
  • In-School Suspension (Equity Index)
  • Advanced Course Enrollment (Equity Index)
  • Gifted Identification (Equity Index)
  • On-Time Graduation Rate (Equity Index)
  • Dropout Rate (Equity Index)
  • Student Attendance/ Chronic Absenteeism (Equity Index)

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