Cornerstone Alignment:

Safety and Wellness

Academic Growth

Equity and Opportunity


Strategic Goal

Henrico County Public Schools will recruit, retain and reward educators who nurture the whole child.

Overview of the Goal

Given the critical teacher shortage, especially in hard to staff areas, it is essential to the continued success of our students that Henrico County Public Schools recruit, retain, and reward dedicated educators who nurture the whole child.

Implementation Drivers:

Henrico County Public Schools will:

  • Review the new teacher mentor program to create a more consistent, comprehensive system for supporting teachers in years 0-3. 
  • Develop a process for gauging new teacher job satisfaction throughout their first three years of employment, including exit interview data.  
  • Create a new veteran teacher advisory group as a voice for veteran teachers.  This group would offer counsel and problem-solving for divisionwide efforts to support and retain veteran teachers.
  • Conduct a teacher survey to help steer the direction of the division’s staff development needs as well as to help support teacher career advancement.
  • Support the HCPS Human Resources Department in seeking new and innovative ways to reach candidates beyond the traditional recruiting methods. Consider using a focus group to explore the use of social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn or Facebook groups) to increase our recruiting reach, and consider business partnerships with local companies to help learn the latest techniques in recruiting/marketing tactics. Additionally, the school division will encourage schools to include teachers as part of their career day programs. 
  • Develop a plan to actively recruit and retain a diverse workforce, including bilingual staff. 
  • Survey staff members to identify their needs and wants (such as support with nutrition, physical health or mental health) and respond to those identified needs.
  • Consider a stipend position for a “wellness champion” or similar position in each school.
  • Survey other school divisions, businesses, and groups to determine if additional compensation or bonuses are provided for “above-and-beyond” efforts.
  • Develop a comprehensive approach to staff retention that includes personalized/differentiated pathways for professional development and micro-credentialing, as well as supporting development and career goals through the teacher professional growth plan.
  • Explore ways to compensate teachers for going above and beyond for participating in outside classroom duties.
  • Establish a joint government and school’s committee to annually examine employee compensation matters using input collected on the most important factors in retaining Henrico County teachers and improving job satisfaction.
  • Examine, audit, and subsequently establish consistent staffing models for elementary administrators, and consider what the standard model should be related to resource teachers and assistant principals.
  • Examine the adequacy of the elementary clerical staffing numbers. 
  • Revamp new employee orientation to be less paper-intensive and to clearly reflect the innovative qualities and excellence of the school division.
Outcomes Metrics
HCPS retains new teachers (0-3 years of experience) and veteran teachers Percentage of teachers who leave within the first three years collected and monitored over a specified period of time; percentage of veteran teachers who leave the district over a specified period of time
HCPS recruits qualified teachers who are dedicated to educating and nurturing the whole child Percentage of positions filled annually by qualified teachers
HCPS increases the percentage of teachers who represent the race/ethnicity/culture of the student population Increase percentage of teachers in non-white race/ethnicity, compared to student population
HCPS explores feasibility of support for staff wellness Teacher survey results