Cornerstone Alignment:

Safety and Wellness

Academic Growth

Equity and Diversity


Strategic Goal

Henrico County Public Schools will provide equitable and secure physical learning environments that inspire community pride.

Overview of the Goal

The Henrico County Public Schools community ensures that all schools are secure by following protocols and reporting observations of concern regarding school facilities and visitors. The community includes students, teachers, staff, parents, and citizens. When everyone understands that they share responsibility for fostering secure physical learning environments, community pride will ensue.

Implementation Drivers:

Henrico County Public Schools will:

  • Provide expectations and training for all students/staff (school community), contributing to a physically and emotionally safe, clean, and orderly environment.
  • Ensure that schools provide consistent access and welcoming procedures across all schools for all visitors (parents, volunteers, staff, and students).
  • Standardize procedures used at all schools for all visitors, including HCPS staff, to be vetted and accounted for during school hours while on school grounds.
  • Support schools in expanding their two traditional Code of Conduct assemblies to include additional information regarding safety and security as well as introductions of key staff members. These include the entire administrative team, the school resource officer assigned to the school, the school security officer on the secondary level, and school counselors. PTA groups will be tasked with dedicating one of their regular meetings to reviewing the same information with members.
  • Revitalize and rebrand the Anonymous Alerts reporting program to make it more relevant to youth and adults.
  • Continue to evaluate readiness for school safety and security in order to meet the needs of each school. These include such tools as safety audits and facility inspections.
  • Examine the current model for mental health and trauma-informed care support systems to ensure sufficiency, as well as explore increasing access to mental health professionals in every school.
  • Provide opportunities in every school for students to participate in the school community, such as clubs during and after school, with transportation provided.
  • Monitor membership growth and publically present data based on September 30th membership annually to determine short and long-term facility space needs as part of the Capital Improvement Plan. A forecast of enrollment changes is included below.
  • Develop a long-range plan for the Henrico County meals tax revenue to ensure buildings are safe and conducive to learning.
  • Engage with a third-party expert to examine facilities and determine a course for either replacement or renovation, and communicate to the public a plan for ensuring equitable capital improvement planning for facilities across the county.
Outcomes Metrics
Schools achieve above average or outstanding on all safety audits 100 percent of schools earn an “outstanding” or “above average” on safety audits
The safety of school environments is ensured through consistent implementation of safety practices More schools implementing standard welcoming procedures as measured by safety audit teams
Schools promote better awareness and communication among students, staff, and the community to develop a more open and transparent environment to discuss school safety (any concerns that cannot be addressed by a school’s staff are forwarded to Central Office staff for review and comment)
  • More schools with “fully implemented” on safety audit items related to “awareness and communication of school safety”
  • Stakeholder survey results indicate increased awareness of the rebranded Anonymous Alerts reporting program
HCPS supports enhancements as determined through recommendations in our comprehensive school-safety audit process and through facility inspections The HCPS departments of Emergency Management and Facilities provide an annual summary documenting the fiscal appropriations (operating and capital funds) used for replacements and enhancements