2018-25 Strategic Plan Update: Public Hearing

The Henrico County School Board will hold a public hearing Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019, at 5:30 p.m. in the auditorium of New Bridge Learning Center, 5915 Nine Mile Road, Henrico, Va. 23223. The public is invited to attend the meeting to comment on the updated 2018-25 Strategic Plan, which, as proposed, more closely aligns the plan to the action items in “Amy’s Passport.” To review the latest plan proposal, click here. (Note: the document contains strikethroughs and highlighted text that reflect proposed deletions and additions to the plan.) A decision on the revised Strategic Plan is expected in October.

Henrico Schools’ 2018-25 Strategic Plan was approved by unanimous vote of the Henrico School Board at its monthly meeting on June 21, 2018. Thank you to everyone who offered feedback on the draft version of the new guiding document.

The plan was created by committees comprised of school parents, students, Henrico Schools staff members, interested citizens and others. The groups, formed in January 2018 from a pool of applicants, concentrated on different areas of the new plan. Your views, expressed in an online survey and a public hearing, were instrumental in revising the draft and creating the final plan.


Henrico County Public Schools believes in the right to achieve and the support to succeed for all.


Henrico County Public Schools, an innovative leader in educational excellence, will actively engage our students in diverse educational, social, and civic learning experiences that inspire and empower them to become contributing citizens.


The plan includes descriptions of eight major strategic goals and how the school division plans to reach them. The goals are each tied to one or more of the four cornerstones that comprise Henrico Schools’ core values.

  • Work Groups (February/March): Interested community members, students and staff were invited to sign up for a work group earlier this fall. Work groups met in March to draft components of the plan specific to an assigned goal area. The work groups include more than 350 volunteers.
  • Steering Committee meeting (April): A steering committee reviewed the information from the work groups and continued drafting the plan.
  • Strategic Plan update to School Board (May): Henrico Schools’ staff members presented an update on the progress of the draft plan to the School Board.
  • Online public comments and public hearing (May): The draft plan was posted to this website May 14 to gather public input and feedback. From May 14-30, an online survey gave citizens a chance to comment. In addition, a public hearing was held before the regularly scheduled monthly School Board meeting on May 24.
  • 2018-25 Strategic Plan approved (June): The Henrico School Board voted unanimously to adopt the new guiding document for the school division. The vote came after a public input and feedback period, and on the recommendation of Henrico Schools’ staff members.


Safety and Wellness 

An equitable and inclusive school climate that provides for the social, emotional, cultural and physical wellness of all stakeholders.

Academic Growth

Occurring from the cumulative impact of exposure to core curricula, electives and life-skill development opportunities, and that prepares students to reach their potential.

Equity and Opportunity

Collective effort of all stakeholders to reduce disparities among students from varying demographics and backgrounds through engaging, meaningful and relevant experiences.


Building authentic, trusting connections that encourage collaboration and engagement among students, families, staff and communities.


Accreditation: Henrico County Public Schools will achieve and maintain full accreditation.

Transformation of Curriculum to Meet the Needs of an Innovative, Global Workforce: Henrico County Public Schools will transform the curriculum to meet the needs of an innovative, global workforce.

Inclusive, Safe and Supportive Climate: Henrico County Public Schools will foster an inclusive, safe and supportive climate for all stakeholders.

Recruit, Retain and Reward educators: Henrico County Public Schools will recruit, retain and reward educators who nurture the whole child.

Cultivate and Maintain Collaborative Partnerships: Henrico County Public Schools will cultivate and maintain meaningful, collaborative partnerships to enrich the student experience, and provide relevant learning opportunities.

Strength in Diversity: Henrico County Public Schools will leverage its strength of diversity and lead dialogue to ensure equity and access for all.

Equitable and Secure Environment: Henrico County Public Schools will provide equitable and secure physical learning environments that inspire community pride.

Learner-Centered Experiences: Henrico County Public Schools will provide equitable, collaborative and engaging learner-centered experiences empowering learners to become contributing citizens in a global society.

If you have questions, or would like more information, please call the HCPS Department of Research and Planning at 804-652-3621. You may also email Dr. Tiffany Hinton, director of HCPS Assessment, Research and Evaluation, at tshinton@henrico.k12.va.us.