Special Education Advisory

Committee Membership 2018-19


Member Name and Affiliation

Shannon Richard, Chair – Three Chopt District
Margarete Jeffer, Vice-Chair Planning – Three Chopt District
Samantha Davis, Vice-Chair Planning – Three Chopt District
Raiford Beasley, Vice-Chair Membership – Brookland District
Troy Bryant, Vice-Chair Membership – Varina District
Cynthia Epps, Secretary – Varina District
Melissa Dart – Tuckahoe District
Daniel Smith – Tuckahoe District
James Foudriat – Three Chopt District
Katie Toth – Fairfield District
Monica Hutchinson – Fairfield District
Wanda Anderson – Teacher Representative
Jesse Casey, Principal – The Academy at Virginia Randolph
Art Raymond, Principal – Tucker High School


Ex Officio Members

Dr. Nyah Hamlett, Assistant Superintendent
Donice Davenport, Director, Exceptional Education
John W. Montgomery, Jr., School Board Representative Specialist
Susan Burke, Exceptional Education Specialist
Kimber Coffey, Exceptional Education Specialist
Susan Grainer, Exceptional Education Specialist
Kristin Pepper, Exceptional Education Specialist
Tiffany Young, Exceptional Education Specialist