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Special Education Advisory Committee Membership

If you are interested in joining the Henrico County Special Education Advisory Committee, please download and complete the membership application.

Member Name and Affiliation

Member Name Affiliation
Chair Vacant
Vice-Chair Vacant
Vice-Chair Membership Vacant
Frank Callahan Member
Leigh Eicher Member
Margarete Jeffer Member
Melissa Dart Member
Samantha Davis Member
Sloane Naughton Member
Deborah Gerald Member
Jill Blom Associate Principal, Short Pump Middle School
Jessica Burbic Principal, Short Pump Middle School
Art Raymond Principal, Tucker High School
Gena Jones Principal, Fairfield Middle School

Ex Officio Members

Ex Officio Members
Dr. Lesley Hughes Chief Learning Officer
Dr. Katie Smith Director, Exceptional Education
Alicia Atkins School Board Representative
Tiffany Young Assistant Director, Exceptional Education
Courtney Valenti Specialist, Exceptional Education
Kim Lee Specialist, Exceptional Education
Kim Marshall Specialist, Exceptional Education
Kristin Pepper Specialist, Exceptional Education
Maggie Walsh Specialist, Exceptional Education
S. Blair Astoria Specialist, Exceptional Education
Rebecca Hodell Specialist, Exceptional Education
Michele Andrews Specialist, Exceptional Education

SEAC Meetings

February 28, 2023
6:00 p.m.
J.R. Tucker High School
General Session: Medicaid Waivers

March 28, 2023
6:00 p.m.
J.R. Tucker High School
General Session: HCPS Annual Plan and Federal Fiscal Year Report

April 25, 2023
6:00 p.m.
J.R. Tucker High School
General Session: Mental Health

May 23, 2023
6:00 p.m.
The Oak
General Session: Family and Community Engagement and the Family Resource Center