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School Facilities

Applications, Fees, and Guidelines for Non-School Use of School Facilities

School facilities and grounds are designed for the primary purpose of supporting Henrico Schools’ educational programs. The School Board encourages the use of these facilities by the public when it doesn’t inhibit educational programs. The Board has established operational charges and custodial fees for the use of facilities; additional information can be found in the HCPS Policies and Regulations Manual.

If you are interested in using a school facility, contact the school directly to confirm availability, fees and other details. (View contact information for elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.) The school principal (or a person designated by him or her) can address facility-use questions and provide an application and guidelines, or you can download the application and guidelines from this page.

Henrico County Public Schools has a tobacco-free policy that prohibits the use or consumption of all tobacco and tobacco-related products on school property, including chew, cigarettes, pipes and electronic cigarettes. It applies 24/7 to teachers, staff, parents, guests, students, visitors, contractors and others on school grounds, and includes parking lots and athletic facilities.

Thank you for your support in making Henrico Schools a healthy, comfortable and productive environment for staff, students and visitors!

Contact Information:

Susan Moore, Director, Facilities 804-652-3899