School counseling programs in Henrico County Public Schools are designed to aid children in mastering the academic, personal, social and career tasks essential to the development of academic, technical and life skills. School counselors help young people understand the link between academics and their futures. They help students to develop skills in career exploration, to acquire and maintain positive personal and social relationships, and ultimately to become responsible and productive citizens. Since the purpose of the counseling program is to help students succeed in school and life, school counselors engage in activities with and for students that help them achieve student competencies identified in the Standards for School Counseling Programs in Virginia. Student competencies are the knowledge, attitudes and skills students should develop and use. These competencies inform students’ academic, career, and personal and social issues, as a result of participating in a standards-based school counseling program.

School Counselors
Twenty-first century comprehensive K-12 school counseling:

  • Ensures equitable access to educational and career exploration opportunities for all students.
  • Promotes a rigorous academic curriculum for all students.
  • Provides strategies for closing equity gaps.
  • Supports the development of skills to increase student success.
  • Fosters advocacy for all students.

These program services are balanced between prevention and intervention and are based on the needs of students. Program services include:

  • Individual counseling.
  • Small-group counseling.
  • Classroom guidance.
  • Consultation with the important adults in children’s lives.
  • Coordination of the schoolwide counseling program and services with community agencies.

School counselors are assigned to all of Henrico County’s schools according to the student enrollment in each school. The ratio of school counselors to students is based on Virginia’s Standards of Accreditation. All HCPS professional school counselors hold master’s degrees.

Contact Information:

Elizabeth Parker, Director  804-652-3307