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School Safety and Security Audits

To maintain a high level of safety in our schools, each school is annually evaluated through a safety and security audit process conducted by an audit team composed of internal and external stakeholders. The team includes school division staff and public safety officials.

Comprehensive school safety and security audits take place on a three-year audit cycle with schools participating in an interim safety audit for the two remaining years. During the first year of the cycle, the audit team visits a school to conduct a thorough, comprehensive evaluation of the school’s safety practices and emergency plans. During the comprehensive audit visit, audit team members interview school administrators, staff and students. The team conducts a walk-through of the school, observes an emergency drill and reviews safety-related documentation. During each of the subsequent two years of the cycle, audit team representatives conduct a follow-up or interim audit. During an interim audit, audit team members interview appropriate staff members, conduct a walk-through of the school and seek information that demonstrates progress on the recommendations made during the school’s most recent comprehensive safety and security audit. In the fourth year, the cycle begins anew.

The evaluation of school safety programs is a critical component of maintaining a safe and secure environment for our students, parents and staff. Using the audit process, we are able to provide school staff with site-specific safety recommendations and best practices to enhance school safety in Henrico County.