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HCPS Proof of Residency

Henrico County Public Schools’ policy states that a child must attend school in the zone/district where he/she resides with a parent or legal guardian. Families who reside outside of Henrico County are NOT eligible to attend Henrico County Public Schools. Parents/legal guardians must provide two proofs of residency plus a picture ID to verify identity. Residency documents must show the person’s name and address of where he/she is residing.

These documents will also be required for a change of address*.

Printable versions: Proof of ResidencyView our residency policy (PDF) | Pautas de residencia (PDF).

Parents or legal guardians must submit at least one document from each of the three columns:

Column A

  • Deed (may not have signatures)
  • Current lease (w/signatures)
  • Current mortgage bill
  • Current tax assessment
  • Real estate contract (90 days or less for occupancy)

If they have a lease in their name or they are listed as an occupant, they must provide that lease – they cannot opt to provide other business mail as proof as opposed to a lease! 

Column B

A current utility bill, may include but not limited to:

  • Electric bill
  • Gas/oil bill
  • Water bill
  • Home phone bill
  • Cable bill

“Current” is a bill/statement received within the past 30 days. Refer to the address affidavit checklist for ideas on additional acceptable residency documents.

Column C

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid photo ID
  • Valid passport

The ID is used for identification purposes. However, it can also be used for residency. If it is used as a residency document is has to have the correct address on the ID.

Copies of all residency documents will be kept in the student’s file-you shall redact (block out) personal information such as balances. 

*If it is a recent (less than 30 days) move, enrollment can be handled with one item from both Column A and Column C (for identification purposes), with an allowance of an additional 30 days to provide an item from Column B. This would be considered a “conditional enrollment.”

When registering a child, the parents/legal guardians must provide a document from Column A and Column B if they have a domicile (home/apartment) in their name or they are listed as an occupant on the lease. If a family does not have a domicile in their name, such as:

  1. If the family is living with another person/family in the other family’s home an address affidavit is required, the tenant or homeowner cannot issue a lease to the person. The following is required:
    1.  One-page notarized address affidavits-one affidavit is needed for each child
    2. BOTH the parent and homeowner are required to come to the school
    3. Affidavits are good for the current school year only, they have to renew each year with a new affidavit, provide new current documents and the homeowner and parent come to school each year and for each new affidavit.
    4. Homeowner must provide three documents-one item from Column A, one item from Column B and one item from Column C (for identification purposes),
    5. Parents/legal guardians must provide two documents- any two pieces of business mail with their name at that address and one item from Column C (for identification purposes).
  2. If it is a situation where the family lives in a home without a lease (this may happen if it is a relative’s home and they do not give them a lease), the parents/legal guardians must provide four pieces of business** mail with their name and that address and a notarized letter from the homeowner stating they live there.
  3. If the family is homeless/McKinney-Vento (MV) or they are foster children contact the school for information.

**Business mail does not include junk mail, class D mail, or hand written mail. We keep copies of all documents.

Refer to policy P6 03-002 and R6-03-002 for additional information.

REMEMBER: When you report an address change, you must provide proof of residency before the school can change your address. This includes if you report the address change on the Student Information Record (SIR).