An online version of the HCPS Policies and Regulations Manual is available to students, employees and the public by clicking the button on this page. If you’re unable to access the online policy manual, you can request a copy of a specific policy by contacting Cheri Guempel at 804-652-3714.

The school division accepts recommendations for new or revised policies at any point in the year, and the policy refinement process is ongoing. Any stakeholder or interested citizen may submit suggestions for consideration at any time. The School Board and HCPS staff members will review suggestions and act on those that align with the mission and beliefs of the school division. To make a suggestion or comment, or to ask a question about HCPS policy, please email, or call Cheri Guempel at 804-652-3714.

The following policies were approved by the School Board at the November 12, 2020 work session.

The following policies will be presented to the School Board for approval at the December 10, 2020 work session.

If you have suggestions or comments, please send them to

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