What is Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)?

PBIS provides an opportunity to view discipline differently. It is a proactive, preventative, and restorative approach for creating a model of school-wide discipline and social-emotional support that is characterized by conscious construction of school climate. 

Schools that implement systems of positive behavior support use a team-based approach to proactively address student discipline. Implementation of PBIS with fidelity involves a systems approach: development of a school-wide discipline system that addresses campus-wide common areas (such as hallways, cafeteria, playground and bus), establishing effective classroom management and has continuum of positive behavior supports that address individual students with challenging behavior.

KeKey Components of Effective PBIS Implementation with Fidelity

PBIS team representative of all stakeholders, that meets monthly and contains members with behavioral and coaching expertise and knowledge of school operations; actively engaged administrator(s).

  • Established behavioral expectations and a matrix for expected behaviors across all settings.

  • Behavioral expectations are explicitly, pro-actively taught/re-taught throughout the year. Strong, trusting teacher/student relationships are emphasized.

  • Students receive consistent, regular feedback on their behavior; appropriate behaviors are acknowledged and reinforced, behavioral errors are proactively corrected and viewed as learning opportunities.

  • Data are collected and analyzed to identify trends and patterns in student behavior and utilized for the practice of data-informed decision-making and regarding necessary adjustments to school and class-wide behavioral interventions & supports.

  • Individual student behavioral data of concern is addressed by the Intervention Team. Students move through tiers based on demonstrated need for support. Data are used in conjunction with specific criteria for making decisions about targeted and intensive advanced tier supports.

To date, HCPS has 30 schools  fully implementing a VTSS model.  These schools have installed Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and have Intervention Teams that meet weekly to review academic, behavior, and attendance data, make recommendations for interventions and monitor students’ response to intervention (RtI). Additionally, all elementary and middle schools also have Intervention Teams in place. As identified in Destination 2025, by 2024 all HCPS schools will implement positive behavior interventions and supports as evidenced by formal implementation of Virginia Tiered System of Supports or a schoolwide behavior plan.