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Parent Portal Bus App

Beginning with the 2022-23 school year, HCPS families will be able to use two exciting new bus-tracking smartphone apps: Edulog Bus Parent Portal and Edulog Bus Parent Portal Lite. These apps will empower families, improve communication and foster efficiency. Parents, guardians and caregivers can follow their student’s bus, receive notifications when a bus enters a user-defined zone, and receive important messages from HCPS Pupil Transportation.


We want to stress that no bus tracking service is 100% accurate — please don’t assume the bus isn’t coming because the app didn’t notify you. If you are in doubt about the arrival of a bus, please call the transportation area office that supports your school. Students should be at their stop five minutes before their scheduled pickup time.

When a bus is out of service, bus substitutions are made, and this can affect the accuracy of the Edulog Bus Parent Portal apps. When a bus substitution is made, the app may not provide GPS information. By Virginia law, buses must have a safety inspection every 45 days.

Our mission is to provide safe and reliable student transportation for all eligible HCPS students to and from school and school activities each day.

All Transportation Routes are available in the Edulog Parent Portal App! All Transportation Routes are available in the Edulog Parent Portal App!

With the Edulog Bus Parent Portal app, you can view:

Bus locations.
Scan history (coming soon).
Transportation schedules.
Loading and unloading status.

This app is free of charge to parents, guardians, caregivers and students. In addition to displaying the location of your student’s bus and sending notifications, you can also receive time-sensitive messages from the HCPS Pupil Transportation Department. This could include messages such as when a different bus is in use because of scheduled maintenance on your regular bus. 

Security is our top priority. To see bus locations in the app, you must have specific information for your child, including name, student I.D., school and date of birth. With the Edulog Bus Parent Portal apps, we hope to improve communication and expand the information available to HCPS families.

FAQ: Edulog Bus Parent Portal (general education students)

Edulog Bus Parent Portal Installation