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School Meals

HCPS provides breakfast and lunch options to all students. By federal and state regulations, all meals are required by to meet specific nutritional requirements. The meals provided must contain no more than 30% of their calories from fat, 10% from saturated fat and 0% from trans-fat, and must meet requirements for calories, protein, grains, vegetables, vitamins A and C, iron and calcium.

Menus are available to students, parents and faculty members by visiting MealViewer or by downloading the NutriSlice app. The app provides meal ingredients, nutritional information (including carb counts), and the ability to filter foods based on allergens.

To download the app, please visit the appropriate app store or click the link below:

  • For iOS devices (such as iPhones and iPads), click here.
  • For Android devices (Galaxy S3, Droid, etc.) click here.

Meal Accounts:

STUDENT MEAL ACCOUNT NUMBER: HCPS School Nutrition Services uses a computerized cash register system in all school cafeterias. All students are issued a permanent and unique five-digit student meal account number. This meal account number is used for each student’s entire academic career with HCPS.

PAYMENTS: Parents are encouraged to pay for student meals in advance. Advance payment allows the cafeteria to provide the most efficient service to all customers and minimizes the chances of students losing their lunch money.


Student meals may be prepaid using our online system, MySchoolBucks. This system allows parents to pay and replenish their student’s account using a personal credit or debit card from home, via a secure internet site. Any remaining funds at the end of the school year are carried over to the next school year. Please note that this company charges a small handling fee for each prepayment. Please call their customer service department at 800-479-3531 for further information.

CHECK-WRITING POLICY: HCPS School Nutrition Services will accept checks for the amount of purchase, or for the prepayment of meals. Checks must be made payable to the school’s cafeteria. Only personal checks with a preprinted name and address will be accepted.

STUDENTS WITHOUT MEAL MONEY: Unlimited charging will be allowed for a student’s breakfast and lunch. Students will not be allowed to charge any a-la-carte items. No child will be denied a meal because of a lack of funds. Negative debt will remain on the student’s meal account as long as they are enrolled in HCPS. Any negative debt on a senior’s meal account will prevent them from participating in graduation exercises. Parent or guardians are responsible for payment of their children’s meal charges.

NEGATIVE BALANCE ALERT: School Nutrition Services provides a courtesy phone call, email, and/or text message reminder each day to parents about meal accounts with a negative balance. You may also check your student’s balance free of charge through MySchoolBucks.

RETURNED CHECKS POLICY: If your bank returns a check, only cash or money order will be accepted at the serving line. The returned check amount must be repaid to the School Nutrition Services office by cash or money order. Please note that there will be an additional $25 service charge applied at the time of repayment.