Mission Forward Resource List

There’s no doubt that starting the 2020-21 school year using a predominantly virtual format includes challenges. A successful year will require teamwork, planning and creativity. We’ve gathered a list of useful resources to create our “Mission Forward” online library, helpful resources that will give families the information you need.

Primary HCPS resources:

  • 2020-21 Learning Plan: A Handbook for Families and Students is our guidebook to the school year, including typical days, student support and options for gradually returning to school.
  • The HCPS COVID-19 Health Plan outlines the strategies HCPS will use to reduce the health risks of coronavirus in our schools.
  • Our Virtual Learning homepage is the hub for student instruction during the predominantly virtual start to the school year.
  • This video, “A Day in the Life” for grades K-5, is a quick introduction to back-to-school for families of elementary students.
  • Our Mission Forward web page includes the latest information on the 2020-21 school year.

Recommended resources for supporting children during online learning:

Virtual study skills for middle school students

  • How to make a study skills “fortune teller.”
  • Helping students in grades 6-8 understand procrastination.
  • Creating a daily schedule.
  • How routines help students learn (grades 6-8).

Virtual study skills for high school students

  • Helping students in grades 9-12 understand procrastination.
  • How routines help students learn (grades 9-12).