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Limited In-Person Opportunities

In keeping with the gradual strategic approach to returning students to in-person instruction, we will strive to gradually increase opportunities, as health and safety conditions allow, for limited in-person learning, by focusing on groups of students for whom virtual learning presents more challenges. At the start of the school year, efforts will be  prioritized to provide limited in-person learning for students in special education, early learners in grades pre-K through 3, English learners and other specialty programs. 

Many specialty programs such as our ACE Center classes involve hands-on skills which can best be learned and practiced in face-to-face experiences such as the “house building” and ISAEP (Individual Student Alternative Education Plan) programs where students receive one-on-one instruction on skills such as masonry in an outdoor setting and/or as they prepare for the GED testing. 

This kind of limited in-person instruction could take the form of students coming into schools/classrooms via scheduled appointments with teachers, while following all aspects of our health plan. Teachers may offer limited small-group opportunities in their classrooms as well as by appointment. 

School administrators and teachers would communicate these opportunities to families directly and would not require any in person experience for families who opt not to participate.