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Kindergarten Transportation Guidelines

We’d like to welcome your child to the wonderful world of school bus transportation!
The HCPS Pupil Transportation Department is here to help you and your child understand the rules for preschool and kindergarten transportation and tags. 

Why does someone have to pick up my kindergartner at the bus stop?

HCPS Policy P9-18-006 states that, “Students not met by an authorized person will be returned to school and the parent or guardian will be contacted by the school. The parent or guardian will be expected to come immediately to the school to pick up their child.”

Why does my child have a tag? Why do I have to bring a tag to the bus stop every day to pick up my child?

Kindergartners are the youngest members of our school community and as such, require a parent, guardian or authorized escort to meet them at the bus stop. An individual meeting a kindergarten student at a bus stop is required to present a matching tag to the driver to assure the child’s safety.

Why will the bus driver return my child to school if I don’t bring the tag to the bus stop?

Not all drivers recognize an approved person by sight. The school division may have a substitute driver covering a bus route. We assure you that your child’s safety is our primary concern.

Where should I stand when I meet my child at the bus stop?

The person (parent, guardian or authorized escort) receiving a child should come to the bottom of the bus steps. The driver needs to confirm that the number on a receiving individual’s tag matches the tag of a kindergarten student.