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Instructions for middle and high school registration

Middle/High School: Grades 6-12

Complete all three enrollment documents available in the portal:

  • Enrollment Form Part 1.
  • Home Language Survey.
  • McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act screening form.

Other considerations for parents and guardians:

  • Only a natural parent, adoptive parent, court-appointed legal custodian or a person with a military power of attorney may enroll a child in Henrico Schools. (Nonmilitary or traditional powers of attorney are not acceptable.)
  • A foster parent may enroll a child with the consent of the child’s legal custodian. Foster parents enrolling children in their care must present a copy of the court order at enrollment that identifies the child’s legal custodian.

After your online enrollment is accepted, you will be contacted by your school’s registrar regarding additional required documents.

What forms will I need to submit directly to the school registrar?

You will not submit any additional documents with your online enrollment, however before your child can begin school, you must submit the following documents to your school’s registrar:

  • An original official state-issued birth certificate for your child must be presented in person to the registrar.
  • Either the first and last page of current lease agreement(must include name of lease holder, landlord, property address, time period of lease, list of occupants, signatures, dateor deed or house contractor mortgage statement or tax assessment in your name (or in the name of the homeowner/lease holder if you are living “doubled up”).
  • A photo ID for the child’s parent or legal guardian (driver’s license, DMV ID, military ID or other picture ID) must be presented in person to the registrar.
  • Additional proof of residency. You must provide:
    • A current utility bill in your name (dated within the past 30 days).
    • If you are living “doubled” with another person or family, the homeowner/primary renter AND the parent/legal guardian must complete an address affidavit.
  • In addition, certain verification and forms are required.
    • The parent or guardian living in a “doubled” household must provide:
      • Two pieces of business correspondence with their name at the address they are verifying as their domicile.
      • A valid photo ID.
    • The homeowner or primary renter must provide:
      • A current deed or lease.
      • A current utility bill (dated within the past 30 days).
      • A valid photo ID. For the full HCPS residency policy, go to our policy manual and search for “residency.” NOTE: Before the student can start school you MUST also present:
    • An up-to-date record of your child’s immunizations.

What if my child needs other services?

  • English Learners:
    • If you answer anything other than “English” when completing the Home Language Survey, a member of our HCPS Welcome Center staff will contact you about testing.
  • Exceptional Education Services:
    • If your child currently receives special education services, attach any documentation (e.g., IEP cover page, services page, “Least Restrictive Environment” statement) when completing your enrollment. A member of the HCPS exceptional education team will contact you.

Does the submission of these forms mean my child is all set to start school immediately?

No. All successfully submitted enrollments must be reviewed for completeness. Your school’s registrar will then contact you regarding next steps, which will include scheduling an appointment to meet with the registrar to present documents and complete the enrollment process. There may also be additional school-specific forms to complete. The entire process should take from three to five business days. Your child will not be able to start school until the full process is complete. 

How can I ensure that my student is enrolled in a shorter amount of time?

Contact your child’s school to arrange an appointment to meet with the registrar. You will be required to bring all documents listed above to the meeting in order to ensure a timely enrollment. 

Can I stop the online enrollment process and come back to it later?

Yes, our recommendation is that you fill out all the forms in one setting to avoid incomplete registrations. However, PowerSchool Enrollment will save the progress of the registration form and allow completion later. 

How do I access PowerSchool Enrollment?

Click here for PowerSchool Enrollment and begin the registration process

What if I don’t have access to PowerSchool Enrollment?

If you cannot access the portal, please contact the school. Give them your name, address, student’s name and grade level. They will send printed versions of these forms to you. You will then need to contact the school to set up an appointment to submit these documents and complete registration. 

You can also download and print the required documents below and mail to your child’s school:

If you are living “doubled” with another person or family, the homeowner or primary renter AND the parent/legal guardian must complete an affidavit of address.