Destination 2025: The Plan for HCPS

Objective: Students will have opportunities to engage in rigorous learning experiences.

Implementation Driver: Develop and implement a comprehensive plan to increase the enrollment of historically marginalized students in gifted, advanced courses and academically oriented enrichment programing, and provide the necessary support for them to succeed.

Target Completion Year: 2022

Objective: Students will have LifeReady experiences during their educational careers that lead to college or career readiness.

Implementation Driver: Transform the curriculum for pre-K through grade 12 to ensure alignment to the Henrico Learner Profile and Deeper Learning model using the lens of the Culturally Responsive Education model.

Target Completion Year: 2021

HCPS students celebrating at graduation ceremony.

Focusing attention on the goals in HCPS’ strategic plan, “Destination 2025,” involves ensuring equitable opportunities for all students seeking a challenging learning experience. A thorough review of the admissions and selection process is a logical step for IB programs in Henrico County.

Addressing recommendations from our newly released 2020 IB Evaluation report, HCPS will continue to refine how IB principles merge into the design, delivery and assessment framework within the division’s five authorized IB schools.

Fidelity across our programs within curricular experiences will move HCPS IB programs to the next level with a more systematic review and feedback cycle of support for the staff. Pulling teams together to establish expectations, along with application of the recommendations from our 2020 Evaluation, will result in targeted professional learning opportunities.

growing the hcps ib and gifted pie

As recommended in the IB evaluation, relevant and ongoing professional development is a key to implementing IB programs successfully. In an effort to further move IB principles into practice, developing an IB-infused annual professional development plan for each school is the first immediate action. The alignment of professional learning plans among all HCPS IB schools will ensure a consistent approach to supporting core IB elements.

Secondly, the IB team will focus on the fidelity within curriculum unit design, incorporation of skills students need in order to learn the content, opportunities for service and action beyond the classroom. Support for the development and review of IB units with targeted feedback will strengthen the partnerships across the school division. Doing so will not only strengthen the IB programs’ progress but will also build up the division’s community of IB educators.

Each action taken in the growth of the IB programs must be done with a focus on providing rigorous opportunities for the greatest amount of students. These can be accomplished through a variety of actions. Henrico High School will complete the journey for full authorization as a Career-related Program by the start of the 2021-22 school year. J.R. Tucker High School will maximize its new learning facility through the use of new learning spaces to foster collaboration across programs and content areas. In addition, HCPS will address the number of seats available to ensure a balance of opportunities for students feeding into the Fairfield, Moody and Tuckahoe middle schools’ IB programs.

Broadening access: Long-range plans for 3 MYP schools

In support of the fourth and final recommendation, we look to complete the full IB journey by supporting our three middle years programs at Fairfield, Tuckahoe and Moody middle schools in a move to a whole-school program. By broadening access to all students attending these zoned schools, we would be leveraging the current authorized program status to give additional rigorous opportunities to more students.

MYP Timeline to Destination 2025

2021-22 Project Planning Year: The 2021-22 school year will be an important planning year for HCPS IB.

  • Stakeholder Information Sessions: During this window of time we will be connecting with our teachers, parents and most importantly students to ensure that all stakeholders understand how the addition of IB principles and opportunities will impact their educational journey starting in 2022-23.
  • We understand that a shift of this magnitude should not be rushed to ensure a systemic change in our programming. After getting feedback from current administrators, coordinators, and division leadership, we believe that phased rollout of incoming class cohorts is important to ensure we are able to strike a balance between professional learning and change.
  • Our plan includes the first onboarding class to be in 2022-23 when we welcome the sixth grade class. In each subsequent year, we would bring on the next class until we get to 2024-25 when all IB middle school students would have the opportunity for full IB status.

Draft timeline:

2022-23: Implementing Phase 1

  • Onboard new group of sixth graders at all three middle schools.

2023-24: Implementing Phase 2

  • Onboard new group of sixth grade students and move up all seventh grade students. This takes place at all three middle schools.

2024-25: Implementing Phase 3

  • Onboard new group of sixth grade students and move up all seventh and eighth grade students. This takes place at all three middle schools.

This plan allows for the greatest flexibility with cost, professional learning, and staffing changes required to meet the needs of all our learners. It also gives us the ability to carefully monitor any shifts in redistricting to ensure we don’t have to adjust seats repeatedly. A move towards whole school IB helps support and bring together a cohesive culture and climate within each building.

We feel poised and excited to take on this challenge to give additional opportunities to our students. While no shift in programming is without bumps in the road, our department feels that this intentional roadmap ensures that everyone understands where we are going and how we are going to get there. We look forward to coming back to update the board throughout our journey.

Expansion of the IB Programs at our 3 middle schools will NOT take any services or opportunities away from our current or future IB students. Instead, we are looking at this plan in more simplistic terms as “Growing the Pie.” This plan will allow more zoned students have the opportunity to participate in the added benefits that come with IB instructional principles.