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Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction is designed to provide continuity of educational services between the classroom and home setting for students whose medical needs – physical and/or psychiatric – indicate that school attendance is not advisable. Additionally, homebound instruction may be used to supplement the classroom program for health-impaired children whose conditions may interfere with consistent school attendance, (e.g., students receiving dialysis, radiation or chemotherapy). The inability to attend school must be certified by a physician, licensed clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

The goal of homebound instruction is to facilitate the student’s return to the current classroom setting as soon as medically indicated. Homebound instruction is temporary. Requests for homebound instruction extending beyond nine weeks must be substantiated by an updated statement from the student’s attending physician or psychologist.

Elementary school students who qualify for homebound instruction should receive a maximum of five hours of instruction per week. Secondary school students who qualify for homebound instruction are eligible to receive a maximum of ten hours of instruction per week depending on their academic load. If appropriate to the needs of the child, the number of instructional hours may vary.

A student must be enrolled in school in order to receive homebound services. A student receiving homebound instruction is carried on the daily register of the class in which he or she is enrolled.

The HCPS Office of Exceptional Education ensures that individuals employed as homebound teachers hold a Virginia teaching certificate or be determined eligible for one by the Virginia Department of Education’s Division of Teacher Education and Licensure. The homebound teacher works to maintain close contact with the school.

The student’s school also maintains close contact with the homebound teacher and provides the teacher with the appropriate materials and information to enable the student to keep up with his or her class.

The student’s parents work with the school and homebound teacher to provide a home environment that is conducive to learning and ensure that a responsible adult is present in the home when the homebound teacher is working with the student. The parents must also make every effort to keep homebound instruction appointments as scheduled.


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