These charts show positive COVID-19 cases reported to HCPS involving individuals who were on a school campus or in an HCPS building on or after Aug. 27, 2021. In each case, the school community or staff at the affected HCPS facility were notified directly by a school principal or supervisor.

The charts show:

  • The cumulative number of positive cases in HCPS schools, offices and other facilities.
  • The number of “close contact” exposures that occurred in schools and other facilities. These individuals were directed to quarantine because of contact tracing. (A “close contact” is defined as someone who was within 3 – 6 feet of a positive case for 15 minutes or more.) 
  • The number of outbreaks (two or more cases linked) among students and staff.

Not shown in these charts:

  • “Close contact” exposures that may have occurred outside HCPS facilities, even if these involved a member of the HCPS community.
  • Individuals who may currently be quarantining. Instead, charts show the total number of close contacts of all cases at a particular location since Sept. 1, 2021. As the year progresses, staff and/or students may have since returned to their school or workplace.

Positive Cases in Schools and Offices (Sept. 1, 2021-present)

Data in the charts below is updated by Monday of each week to reflect the previous week’s available data (Friday to Friday). Please keep in mind that before being posted, cases go through a process of school notification, as well as contact tracing. This results in a lag time between identification of cases and exposures, and when data appears in the charts.

Data reflected for Dec. 17 – Jan. 5 was self-reported by employees or families to the schools.  The VDH was responsible for contact tracing during this winter break period.