These charts show positive COVID-19 cases reported to HCPS involving individuals who had been in an HCPS building or on a school campus on or after February 22, 2021 (Feb. 22 is the first date that HCPS began expanding in-person learning to students and families who chose those that option.) In each case, notifications were made at the time by a school principal and/or supervisor directly to HCPS employees and school communities. These charts show the cumulative number of cases, as well as the number of individuals directed to quarantine as a result of contact tracing (a “close contact” is defined as someone who was within 6 feet of a positive case for 15 minutes or more.) Note: the “close contact” numbers do not indicate individuals who may currently be quarantining. Instead, they show the total number of close contacts of all cases at a particular location dating back to Feb. 22, 2021. In many instances, staff and/or students have since returned to their school or workplace.

For more effective browsing, there are two sections: One section for positive cases in schools and HCPS offices, plus another section for positive cases impacting athletics and other extra-curricular activities. Each section is broken down by school level. If an individual affiliated with athletics or extracurricular activities is also affiliated with in-person learning (and vice versa), then the positive case and the close contacts may be accounted for in both charts.

For positive COVID-19 cases involving individuals who were known to be in an HCPS school or office prior to Feb. 22, 2021, scroll down.

Positive Cases in Schools and Offices (Feb. 22, 2021-present)

Positive Cases in Athletics and Extracurriculars (Feb. 22, 2021-present)

Previously Reported Cases (August 2020 – February 2021)

These lists include positive cases involving an individual who had been physically present on a campus or inside an HCPS school building or office dating back to August 2020. In most instances, these dates and locations indicate that it was an individual who tested positive on or before the specified date. Notifications were made at the time by the principal or a supervisor directly to the employees and, when applicable, to the school communities (families of students) of the respective locations. In November 2020, HCPS began using the word “individual” to describe all cases.