This information is intended to keep the Henrico community updated on how Henrico County Public Schools is monitoring health data in an effort to gradually return to in-person learning. In doing so, we want to provide information pertaining to two key questions:

  • What is HCPS’ plan for bringing students back to school in person?
  • What are the criteria for opening school buildings and a timeline for evaluation?

HCPS will use a comprehensive, data-driven process and timeline to guide our forthcoming recommendations and decisions.


U.S. Centers for Disease Control School Metrics for Henrico County (based solely on case incidents) as of Feb. 25: Highest Risk Level Overall.

  • New cases per 100,000 people: Highest Risk Level
  • Percent positivity for RT-PCR test: Moderate Risk Level
  • School division’s ability to implement key mitigation factors: Lowest Level Risk


Current pandemic status for the Central Health District Planning Region: Substantial/High and Decreasing.

  • For the week ending Feb. 20, COVID-19 presents a substantial/high burden to the public and the transmission trend is decreasing in Virginia’s Central Region, according to data from the Virginia Department of Health.


Current instructional approach Approach 3 (Moderate Risk/Burden).

  • HCPS’ Continuum of Reopening includes four approaches to instruction, based on the extent of coronavirus transmission.

The HCPS Health Committee meets regularly to consider current pandemic conditions and trends in the region and in Virginia, with a goal of safe expansion of in-person learning. It is made up of 16 individuals from the Henrico Health District, the HCPS administration, the HCPS Student Health Advisory Board and the community, and makes regular presentations to the School Board. HCPS uses that status to determine what instructional approach, as illustrated on a continuum, we can safely use to conduct in-person classes. Members of the HCPS Health Committee monitor the CDC School Metrics daily.

In-person learning is gradually expanding in February and March, under a revised timeline. On Oct. 22, the Committee recommended that HCPS expand in-person learning in tandem with increased safety protocols. However, because of concerns about a spike of coronavirus in our area, vaccination schedules and the need for school nurses to participate in critical vaccinations, the timeline was altered.

Health Committee Meeting Minutes

The Virginia Department of Health provides a tool from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, called CDC K-12 School Metrics, to aid school systems in decision-making about in-person instruction. To see the data, click the link and select “Henrico” under locality, as well as the week. The committee is using that information as part of its analysis.