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Gifted Data

Henrico’s Department of Assessment, Research, and Evaluation calculated the Gifted Identification Equity Indices based on identified gifted student demographics in the fall of 2020. Here you see a specific breakdown of our gifted students by subgroups. When you compare district level demographic versus and the equity indices line above, there is clear indication that we have work to do.

HCPS has room to improve in African American, Hispanic, English Learners, and students with disabilities when it comes to gifted identification. This information must become be a powerful call to action and systemic change in order to close “Excellence Gaps” below the target line.

Reviewing the number of referred, identified, and locations of our students in the fall of 2020 was one of the key factors in setting up our Gifted Equity Audit.

HCPS Student Population

  • African American: 35.6%
  • Caucasian: 35.4%
  • Asian: 12.6%
  • Hispanic: 11.0%
  • Other: 5.3%

2019-20 Annual State Report Data: VA Department of Education

This data shows the numbers of identified students in each area of giftedness served in Henrico County Public Schools. For the 2019-20 school year, 7011 students were identified as gifted.

Number or Student Participation in the Area of Giftedness 2019-20

  • General Intellectual Aptitude: 4108 (56.6%)
  • Specified Academic Aptitude: 2840 (40.5%)
  • Visual/Performing Arts: 0.9%

A total of 7,011 identified gifted students were reported in the 2019-20 VDOE annual state report. This data was gathered in the fall of 2019. Here you see the ethnicities of identified students by value and by percentage.

Ethnicity of Identified Students

  • White, not of Hispanic origin: 3,793 (54.1%)
  • Asian: 1588 (22.7%)
  • Black, not of Hispanic origin: 927 (13.2%)
  • Non-Hispanic, two or more races: 5.8%
  • Hispanic: 4.0%
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native: 0.2%
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific: 0.1%

Equity Indicies

Gifted Identification

Equity Index 2018-19
Equity Index 2019-20
Asian 1.86 1.88
Black 0.36 0.36
Hispanic 0.37 0.36
White 1.49 1.48
Students with Disabilities 0.13 0.12
English Learners 0.01 0.01
Economically Disadvantaged 0.26 0.27