In an effort to provide transparency in addressing excellence gaps in Henrico County Public Schools’ gifted programs and advanced achievement program demographics, this public site is available to all stakeholders. The March 25 School Board presentation topics provided on this site are intended to inform our community on how HCPS will address excellence gaps in Henrico’s gifted programs and demographic disproportionality in our school division.

  • Gifted identification process
    Procedimiento de Indentificación de Dotados

    Gifted identification is a multistep process used to identify K-12 students from various backgrounds who are eligible for service options through HCPS programs for the gifted.

    FAQ for gifted identification (Please see revised timeline below)
    FAQ para la identificación de superdotados

    Parent and guardian questionnaire

    Transfer policy


    Gifted identification process

    (Dates are subject to change as conditions arise.)

    Nov. 8-19, 2021 Schools will host a school-based in-person or virtual Q&A meeting to answer questions about the identification process for the 2021-22 school year. Schools will contact families on the specific dates and times.
    Jan. 3-21, 2022 Parents, guardians, teachers, community members or a student can make a referral to their school’s gifted identification coordinator
    Jan. 21, 2022 All referral submissions are due to the school’s coordinator by 4 p.m.
    Jan. 31, 2022 Referral paperwork will be sent home for parent or guardian to complete.
    Feb. 9, 2022 All referral paperwork is due to schools. This includes the academic referral form and parent/guardian questionnaire.
    April 19, 2022 Paperwork with notifications of identification decisions sent to families.

Contact Information:
Office: 804-226-5126

Jennifer Conlee, Gifted Education Specialist
Kevin Carr, Gifted Lead Teacher
Amanda Nevetral, Gifted Lead Teacher
Shannon Wakefield, Gifted Lead Teacher