GEAC Announcement

The Gifted Education Advisory Council (GEAC) will meet on Thursday, June 3rd, at the Fairfield Annex, 1001 N. Laburnum Avenue, 23223, from 6:00-7:00 PM.   Please note this is the site that was previously the Fairfield Library. This additional meeting is being held to approve the slate of nominees presented by the Membership Subcommittee and elect officers whose terms have expired.

Meeting Reminders:  New bylaw provisions approved by the HCPS School Board allow for a quorum of 5 members to attend publicly while others who wish to participate virtually may do so through Microsoft TEAMs video conferencing. ​GEAC members who choose to attend the meeting on-site must follow HCPS protocol for entering public buildings​. This includes wearing a face covering at all times, verbally answering a series of health questions, and maintaining social distance. If you do plan to attend the on-site meeting at the Fairfield Annex, would you please RSVP to Ms. Christine Sprouse so we can plan accordingly:  We will provide socially distanced seating, a hand sanitizer station, and follow all covid protocol at our on-site meeting.  

*If we don’t have a quorum on-site at the Fairfield Annex, we will have to cancel our planned GEAC meeting.*

A Microsoft Teams link for community members that prefer to access the video conference online can be accessed here.  Since we will essentially be having a hybrid meeting of an on-site quorum group and virtual TEAMS call participants, it is suggested that you bring a smartphone or laptops & earbuds if possible, to access the TEAMs call on-site at Fairfield.  That way, we can all see each other and interact. 

In an effort to provide transparency in addressing excellence gaps in Henrico County Public Schools Gifted Programs and advanced achievement program demographics, this public site is available to all stakeholders. The March 25th School Board presentation topics provided on this site are intended to inform our community on how Henrico County Public Schools will address excellence gaps in Henrico’s Gifted Programs and demographic disproportionality in our district.


Destination 2025: The Plan for HCPS

Objective: Students will have opportunities to engage in rigorous learning experiences.

Implementation Driver: Engage in the evaluation of the HCPS gifted identification process and implement audit recommendations to increase diversity in gifted programming.

Target Completion Year: 2021

Objective: Students will have opportunities to engage in rigorous learning experiences.

Implementation Driver: Develop and implement a comprehensive plan to increase the enrollment of historically marginalized students in gifted, advanced course and academically oriented enrichment programming, and provide the necessary support for them to succeed.

Target Completion Year: 2022

Contact Information:

Jennifer Conlee, Gifted Education Specialist 804-263-3937
Kevin Carr, Gifted Lead Teacher 804-219-6967
Amanda Nevetral, Gifted Lead Teacher 804-219-7251