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Henrico County Public Schools identifies and serves gifted students in grades K-12. The school division recognizes that students deserve educational opportunities commensurate with their needs and abilities. HCPS uses multiple criteria for identifying gifted students from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. The division is able to provide a qualitatively differentiated instructional program that includes rigorous content and innovative opportunities for students in grade K-12. HCPS provides resources for families and staff to support the complex social and emotional needs of gifted students.

Gifted Identification

Gifted identification is a multistep process used to identify K-12 students from various backgrounds who are eligible for service options through HCPS programs for the gifted.

Gifted Programs and Services

The HCPS Gifted Resource Program is designed to nurture and extend curiosity, metacognition and creative expression through a variety of student-centered opportunities. Students will become self-directed learners through experiences that foster creative risk-taking and support intellectual development. Using rigorous 21st Century curricula and innovative instructional opportunities, HCPS encourages all students to maximize their potential.

Gifted Education Advisory Committee

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Commitment to Equity:

Henrico County Public Schools remains actively committed to an inclusive and diverse gifted program. Read more information about our initiatives below.