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Federal Programs and Foundational Learning

FoundationalLearningIn July 2014, Federal Programs was renamed Foundational Learning and Family Engagement. Our new department name and logo reflect the comprehensive services we provide, rather than the associated funding. Because we serve the same students and the same schools, the department’s mission aligns closely with those of the HCPS departments of Elementary Education and Exceptional Education. Our three main areas of focus (described below) are 1) providing foundational preschool experiences to our youngest and most vulnerable population, 2) providing foundational learning in reading and math in our most challenged schools, and 3) facilitating the engagement of all families in their children’s education.

  •  The federal Title I program provides assistance to students most in need of instructional support in challenged schools and focuses on closing the achievement gap. Instructional resources and research-based training enable schools to develop high-quality enriched programs to meet the diverse needs of all children, families and staff. Title I maintains a staff at each school which includes at least a Title I reading teacher. Additional staff members, including Title I math teachers, may also provide support, depending on the needs of the school. As part of a division-wide initiative, Title I math and reading teachers focus on coaching to improve instruction in all classrooms in the school. In an effort to close the achievement gap, Title I provides additional supports such as lower class sizes, small-group remediation and supplemental programming. Family Advocates are also a part of the staff at Title I Schools and provide programming and support to families to ensure they can participate and engage in school programming. All staff can be reached by contacting the schools directly.

    Listed below are the Title I schools and a link to the School Quality Profiles prepared by the Virginia Department of Education.

    Contact Information:

    Tanya Pavlish, Title I Specialist 804-328-8102