Daring Greatly 

Equity and Diversity in Action

  • Henrico County Public Schools’ new Office of Equity and Diversity is making good progress. We would like to share that during the past 60 days the following activities have occurred and are ongoing:

    • Established the Department: Below you will find the phone number and email address for Monica Manns, director, and you are welcome to contact her. The department’s web presence is being developed, and once complete it will serve as the primary mode of communication.  
    • Assessed the Community Pulse: A “listen and learn” session was held in all five magisterial districts, and we had more than 140 participants. Thank you! The most significant issues were identified, and a survey will be distributed to collect additional quantitative data. The survey will be sent out at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year. This will allow the new Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee – along with Dr. Amy Cashwell, our new superintendent – to review current data and to assist with formulating the survey questions before they are distributed. This will also allow more time to publicize the survey to our diverse school population.
    • Engaged Stakeholders: In support of equity and diversity we have reached out to various community and religious organizations that support HCPS students and families, and the director has been invited to speak or engage in cultural activities. Please contact Monica Manns if you would like to invite her to an event, in order to learn more about a culture, or to speak about the new department.
    • Supported the Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee: The office established an unbiased process of selecting members for the advisory committee. There are 25 voting members, comprised of five people representing each magisterial district and then five additional members serving in ex-officio roles. We had more than 250 applicants, and we hope to name the members soon. The selection process was a blind one (meaning names were redacted), and individuals were identified in order to assemble a diverse, talented group of individuals. Bios of the committee members will be available on this page. The department is also completing the final draft of our advisory committee bylaws that will be presented to the School Board for approval. The bylaws will also located on this website. The advisory committee will conduct its first official meeting in September.
    • Coordinated with the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities: VCIC has worked closely with the school division this year to set up summer training sessions for HCPS staff members. Staff members from the Brookland District, as well as Short Pump Middle School, attended a summer retreat in support of inclusivity. In addition, VCIC will be providing training to school-based instructional leaders for world history, U.S. history and government. Henrico Schools will collaborate with VCIC on an August mandatory training session for identified participants.
    • Added Additional Programming: The office is also enlisting help from the community to: implement ways to support increased use of diverse literature on both the elementary and secondary levels; craft a religious sensitivity document; and create a Diversity Appreciation Month manual with background, guidelines and suggestions.

    Please bookmark this page to keep up to date on our efforts!

  • Assess inequities, acknowledge the systems that perpetuate them, develop a plan that moves beyond intent to action.

    Henrico Schools’ new Office of Equity and Diversity values input from members of the community. While the department’s 26-member Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee has been assembled from a large list of applicants, there are plenty of other ways to share your ideas.

    In spring 2018, the department held “listen and learn” sessions in each of Henrico’s five magisterial districts.

    The office also held three opportunity meetings during the summer to enlist help from the community in: implementing ways to support increased use of diverse literature on both the elementary and secondary levels; crafting a religious sensitivity document; and creating a Diversity Appreciation Month manual with background, guidelines and suggestions.

    Check our web page regularly for more events. While we will continue to schedule opportunities for community input, we welcome your ideas at any time. Use the email link at the bottom of this page to contact Monica Manns, department director.

  • Stakeholders that are reflective of our diverse school division.

  • Promote and proactively implement actionable steps making HCPS a model school division for equity and diversity.

Director of Equity and Diversity

Monica Manns, MRC, M.Ed, ABD