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Elementary Grading Scale

Elementary k-1

Progress Indicators:

4-Consistently: Student performance consistently meets or exceeds standard/expectation and student produces outstanding work.
3-Usually: Student performance usually meets standard/expectation and student produces acceptable work.
2-Inconsistently: Student performance is approaching standard/expectation and student inconsistently produces acceptable work.
1-Rarely: Student performance is below standard/expectation
and student frequently requires re-teaching.

* – Asterisk in front of grade indicates instruction was modified
X – Indicates area of difficulty (sub-topics only)

Elementary 2-5*

Grading Scale:

A = 90-100 Excellent
B = 80-89 Very Good
C = 70-79 Satisfactory
D = 65-69 Marginal Progress
F = below 65 Failing

*Any report card grade below a C for students requires that the teacher
conference with the principal and submit a plan of action for improving student achievement.

All report cards K-5 will utilize the participation standards below:

Designation Descriptor
S – Satisfactory When present, student comes prepared and participates to the best of his/her ability.
N – Needs Improvement When present, student comes unprepared and does not participate. Two class periods of non-participation (noted in the online grade book) and documentation of a parental contact will be required.