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ESL (English as a second language)

English Language Learners


for English Learners is an English proficiency test that measures a students’ academic English language skills and growth from one year to another. The score report provides score information in the four domains of language (reading, writing, speaking and listening) as well as provides composite scores based on the four domains (oral language, literacy, comprehension and overall composite).

ESL Progress Report

This report shares with parents information on an English Learner’s progress in academic English throughout the year. These reports are sent to parents at the end of each semester.

Gifted / Advanced Academics

Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)

All Henrico students participate in a universal screener during their 2nd grade year. The CogAT test assesses verbal, quantitative reasoning, and nonverbal skills. It is an untimed test that is administered verbally to students. Parent/Guardian(s) will receive the student profile report in May.

The CogAT offers insight into cognitive domains not fully measured by other tests. Educators can use CogAT student report profile information to differentiate instruction in the classroom and to identify students that have the potential to excel in content areas such as Math and English Language Arts.

The CogAT measures students’ learned reasoning and problem-solving abilities in three areas, verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal, that are most linked to success in school. The CogAT reveals a valid, broad view of student aptitudes. With this knowledge, educators can make decisions that elevate each student’s academic experience.

Additionally, this nationally normed ability test meets the Virginia Department of Education’s requirements regarding gifted identification and is used as one criterion in the gifted identification process in grades K-12.

Gifted Progress Report

The Gifted Progress Report is a cumulative reflection of student performance on instructional units taught during the semester. For additional information about specific Gifted Program Goals by grade level, please refer to HCPS K-8 Gifted Resource Program Goals for a scope and sequence of K-8 goals.

Talent Development Response Lessons

HCPS Gifted Resource Teachers have developed introductory Talent Development Response Lessons for all K-5 classroom teachers. Critical and creative thinking strategies are featured in each lesson, as well as 21st-century skills that extend and enrich the HCPS curriculum for all learners. Student responses to the lessons may also be used as work sample evidence of advanced academic potential in order to ensure equity and increase access to advanced academic programs and the gifted identification process.

Monthly Choice Boards

Enrichment Choice Boards are provided by the HCPS Gifted Department to all K-5 teachers as a virtual resource targeted for gifted and advanced learners, but open to all students. These activities are leveled into three grade groups, K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and center around a specific monthly theme. Four featured activities are designed to engage and challenge students.