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Cultivate and Maintain Collaborative Partnerships

Overview of the Goal:

Henrico County Public Schools seeks to create learning environments that develop the whole child and promote growth in alignment with the Henrico Learner Profile and Deeper Learning model. When students have authentic learning opportunities, they are engaging in career exploration and developing an understanding of the skills needed in the global workplace.

Collaborative partnerships, including family involvement, are an important 21st-Century tool for every school. These partnerships provide equitable access to resources for all students. The school division will seek to create equal opportunity and equal access to these real-world learning experiences for all of its students. These partnerships will also enhance academic skills that include creative, innovative and critical thinking, as well as enhance the ability to problem-solve, communicate and collaborate while improving research and literacy skills. Available community resources will connect learners with content that integrates subject areas and interests. The partnerships should enhance the student experience, while increasing student involvement in the community.

Key Performance Metrics

  • HCPS Survey Results
  • Community Partnership Activities

Strategic Goal:

Henrico County Public Schools will cultivate and maintain meaningful, collaborative partnerships to enrich the student experience and provide relevant learning opportunities.

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