Even though our buildings are closed, HCPS continues to build and enhance the ways in which students learn remotely. Distance learning options began in March and continue in digital and nondigital forms. A central part of our online learning efforts is “Henrico Edflix,” a creative way to connect students to learning as they move through their learning.

Edflix now includes more than 120 instructional videos for elementary school students, created by HCPS educators and targeted to various performance tasks (although Edflix won’t be confused with a video streaming service). Edflix includes material for students with exceptional education needs.

“Season 3,” available for all grade levels, begins July 13. In an attempt to buttress summer learning and mitigate the effects of instructional time lost to the closure for coronavirus, all of the school division’s students will have access to prescribed learning pathways for the summer months. In some cases, students’ plans will be optional, and in others, will be required. The avenues will include both asynchronous learning (online learning that happens on students’ schedules) and synchronous learning (online education that happens in real-time, delivered by a teacher at a specific time).

Besides Henrico Edflix, HCPS uses a variety of other ways for students to learn remotely. Click on the buttons to find out more about options for each grade level. 

Edflix User Guide

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