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Henrico County Public Schools wants to keep you informed and alerted to important information! We use several different ways to communicate with families and interested citizens.

SchoolMessenger: A mass notification service used daily by individual schools and the school system’s central office to communicate important news and information. These messages are only available to employees and student households, and they come in three forms: robocalls, emails and texts. Families are automatically signed up for emails and robocalls during registration or when back-to-school forms are submitted. During registration, families also have the option to receive text messages.

Robocalls will go to the home phone number listed for Contact 1 and Contact 2 in PowerSchool.

Text messages will go to the cell phone number listed for Contact 1 and Contact 2 in PowerSchool.

If you are an employee of Henrico County Public Schools, text messages are sent to the “personal cell number” in the human resources management system, otherwise known as “Oracle.”

(Helpful tip: Text messages will always come from the number “67587.” Give that number a name in your phone’s contacts so you know that a text is school-related.)

Emails will go to the email address listed for Contact 1 and Contact 2 in PowerSchool.

“Important news and information” will vary widely and include things like a snow day, a principal’s weekly message, public meetings and events, a late bus, a student absence, a low meal account balance or other information.

If you’re the parent or guardian of a student and you feel you’re not receiving these messages, please contact your school’s main office for guidance. If you’re not the parent or guardian of a student and you believe you’re receiving these messages by mistake, then we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please call the HCPS Division of Communications at 804-652-3726 or send us an email to have your contact information removed.

SchoolMessenger app: The SchoolMessenger app allows you to set preferences and keep track of communications from the school division, specific schools and individual teachers who use SchoolMessenger. Search for “SchoolMessenger” where you download apps, or visit the website for information on how to sign up. Please note that the app will only work with the email address that you have on file with your school. Once you’ve created an account, you can then:

  • Review the past 30 days’ worth of messages from the school division or your student’s school.
  • View your contact information and set preferences for how you would like to receive notifications.
  • Receive classroom communications (if your child’s teacher uses SchoolMessenger).

School websites: Each of our schools and program centers has its own website, updated by a web editor based at the school. School websites typically post updates that are intended specifically for students and families of that school. If you’re looking for your school’s website, start here:

The Binder: An electronic newsletter produced by HCPS’ Communications team. The Binder is generally sent out every two weeks (on Fridays) during the school year. It consists of “good news,” announcements, interesting opportunities, important reminders and other items for all families and employees across the county.

An archive of past issues can be found at

Social media: We use several forms of social media in order to connect with families, students and the community:

Facebook: A great way for us to share positive shoutouts, announcements, videos, opportunities and events. Important alerts or urgent information such as school closings can be found here as well. The school system’s official Facebook page generally posts up to three times a day during the school year: Individual schools or PTAs/PTSOs may also use Facebook.

Twitter: Similar to Facebook, Twitter is used by us to share positive shoutouts, announcements, videos, opportunities, events and urgent information. Follow the school division’s official account: @HenricoSchools. Follow our superintendent: @AmyCashwell. Individual schools, clubs, teams and other groups often use Twitter as well.

Instagram: A growing way for the school system to show our community the great things being accomplished by our schools, teachers and students. Follow the school division’s official Instagram account: @henricocountyschools.

HCPS-TV: Henrico County Public Schools operates a cable television channel. If you have Comcast, it’s on channel 99. If you have Verizon FiOS, it’s on channel 38. Check it out to see school activities, special events, sports highlights and more!

HCPS-TV YouTube channel:

Media advisories and news releases: Important announcements from Henrico County Public Schools written primarily for the local news media and other interested community groups. These announcements often appear on our social media platforms as well. See the most recent announcements at

If you’d like to receive our media advisories and news releases, we’d love to add you! Please send your request to

What’s Trending: A list of important items that appears on the homepage for easy access.

School Board meetings, agendas and documents: These generally appear on a service known as “BoardDocs.” For more information about BoardDocs and School Board meetings in general, start at