If emergency conditions change the school schedule in any way, all staff, parents and guardians will be contacted via the SchoolMessenger phone, email and text notification system as soon as a decision is made by the superintendent.
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HCPS sources
The following outlets are totally controlled by HCPS and will have the most complete and accurate information available.

SchoolMessenger: Phone, email and text notification system to all staff and student households.
HCPS website: (henricoschools.us); announcements and updates will appear on the home page.
Facebook: facebook.com/henricocountypublicschools
Instagram: @henricocountyschools
Twitter: @HenricoSchools

Media sources
The following local media sources are notified, however, information may be edited or incomplete.

Television: CBS6, 8News and NBC12
AM radio: FOX Sports 910 and 1140 WRVA
FM radio: iPower 92; Q94; K95; 96.1 The Planet; Classic Rock 96.5; Mix 98.1; BIG 98.5; KISS 99.3; Easy 100.9; XL102; ESPN Richmond 102.7, 103.7 Play; iPower 104.1, Praise 104.7; KISS 105.7; Hot 106.1; and 106.5 The Beat

Emergency codes

Emergency codes will be used in reporting information to the local media sources. All HCPS sources will include specific instructions for staff members.

Code 0:  Schools closed; no employees report; essential Facilities employees may be called in
Code 1:  Schools closed; 12-month employees do not report; all school-based Facilities employees report on time (special circumstances – overtime required)
Code 2:  Schools closed; 12-month employees report two hours late; all Facilities employees report on time
Code 3:  Schools closed; all employees report two hours late; all Facilities employees report on time
Code 4:  Schools closed; all employees report on time
Code 5:  Schools open two hours late; all employees report two hours late; all Facilities employees report on time
Code 6:  Schools open two hours late; 12-month employees and all Facilities employees report on time 

Cancellation of activities
When schools are closed, all field trips, athletic events, after-school and evening activities are canceled. This includes adult education classes, staff development programs and any activities planned by outside groups in school facilities. Exceptions may be made, at the high school level only, if the activity involves tournament playoffs, district-, regional- or state-level competition or activities. Approval for the exception may be given only by the superintendent or a designee when conditions indicate transportation and facility access can safely occur. On nonschool days, should emergency conditions develop, the superintendent or a designee will determine whether participation in scheduled events can be safely permitted.
Late openings
When schools open two hours late, preschool half-day classes are canceled.
Early dismissal
As soon as a decision is made by the superintendent to close schools early due to emergency conditions, principals are notified. News media sources are contacted as soon as principals and parents and guardians have been notified.
Dismissal of students
Students are dismissed in the following order: elementary, middle (as well as the Virginia Randolph Education Center) and high schools.
Bus drivers and bus assistants
Bus drivers and assistants are advised to listen to local news media sources when emergency conditions arise. Drivers with shuttle runs will pick up students in the usual order and return students to their home schools. Principals must hold all buses until students in special/center programs have returned to their home schools, unless otherwise notified by the Transportation Department. Special education buses will follow their designated routes. When buses serving a school have not arrived by the time of dismissal, other drivers return until all bus riders have been taken home. Transportation supervisors will contact principals once all students have been transported home safely.
Dismissal of staff
Staff may be dismissed at the discretion of the principal; however, some staff members must remain to respond to calls from parents or any situation that may occur as students are transported home. Facilities employees are not included in a dismissal by the principal. Central Office and annex facilities will be notified by the superintendent (or a designee) of early dismissal time.