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Career Ladder Program

The HCPS Career Ladder Program — a first of its kind for Virginia schools — was created for and with teachers and other eligible employees, including a teacher advisory committee representing a wide range of experiences at schools across the school division. The Career Ladder offers personalized professional learning, opportunities to earn microcredentials and specializations, and the chance for teachers to advance professionally without leaving the classroom. 

As funding permits, the program also affords staff the ability to move up on the salary scale a maximum of three times (in 4.8% increments) based on identified qualifications and professional learning activities.

How do staff members advance on the salary scale via the Career Ladder?

Staff members advance on the salary scale via the Career Ladder by attaining:

  • An HCPS professional learning specialization. 
  • A doctoral degree or other designated career/trade certification.

As the Career Ladder continues to expand, the Department of Professional Learning and Leadership will continue to work with teachers and staff representing schools and departments to ensure future offerings are meaningful and relevant. Current HCPS employees can access information about the career ladder by logging into HCPS U.

Eligible Employee Groups Explained


Advance Degree Certification Explained



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