Every year, Henrico County Public Schools administrators present a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for School Board approval. “Capital improvements” are projects that consist of permanent upgrades to a school, such as heating and air conditioning equipment, security enhancements, bathroom renovations, kitchen appliances, windows, lighting, flooring and similar improvements. A CIP identifies schools, projects, funding sources and approximate costs during a given fiscal year. In addition to school improvements, a CIP may also include complete school renovations if warranted by increases in student population. CIPs are reviewed annually and may change from year-to-year based on a number of factors, such as Henrico School Board and Board of Supervisors approval, economic conditions, enrollment numbers, etc. CIPs also include proposals for future years; these projects are dependent on identifying funding sources.

To review the latest Capital Improvement Plan as well as previous CIPs, click on the documents below.

2019-2020 Capital Improvement Plan

2018-2019 Capital Improvement Plan


2017-2018 Capital Improvement Plan

2016-2017 Capital Improvement Plan

2015-2016 Capital Improvement Plan

2014-2015 Capital Improvement Plan

For questions or assistance with reviewing these plans, please contact:

 Lenny Pritchard, Assistant Superintendent, Operations

Susan Moore, Director, Facilities