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Health Care FAQ

  • What qualifying events allow me to make changes to my present coverage?
    • Marriage or divorce of the employee.
    • Birth or adoption of a child by the employee.
    • Obtaining custody of a child (court documents must be provided).
    • Death of employee’s spouse or dependent.
    • Change in the employment status of the employee, spouse or dependent.
    • Unpaid leave of absence of the employee, spouse or dependent.
    • Significant change in the spouse’s or dependent’s employer-provided health care coverage.
    • Dependent child no longer eligible for coverage.

    Changes to your health coverage must be consistent with your qualifying event.

  • When can I make changes to my health coverage if I have a qualifying event?
    • You may make a change to your coverage within sixty (60) days after the date of an approved qualifying event. The effective date of the change in coverage is determined by the qualifying event and the date the request is received in the HCPS Benefits Office. If you have questions, please click Qualifying Events or contact the HCPS Benefits Office at 804-652-3624 or email
  • When can I expect to receive my I.D. card?
    • If you are a new employee, you should receive an I.D. card within 10 days. If you have made a change to your coverage, please allow seven to 10 days.
  • Who should I call if I have a problem with a claim?
    • For all plans, call Anthem Member Services at 800-421-1527. You may also review your claims by visiting the Anthem website.

For general information about benefits offered to eligible employees of Henrico County Public Schools, click on the link for the specific benefit. For additional information or questions, please call the Health Benefits Office at 804-652-3624 or email us at