Rycor Online Forms allows families to submit students’ school forms through a secure online website. Using Online Forms saves time, money and paper.

You can access the system automatically through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. After you sign in, click the “Access Online Forms” link to instantly create your RYCOR parent account. In most cases this will automatically import information for any students in Henrico County Public Schools.

Don’t have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account? Get instructions and information on access at our PowerSchool page.

You’ll need to manually associate any students with your account by selecting “Linked Accounts” under the menu (at top right). This is a one-time process and will require you to provide the following information in order to add your student or students to your portal account:

  • Student number or ID (instructions are included below for finding this).
  • Student last name.
  • Date of birth.

Where can I find my student’s number/ID?

You can find the student ID number on your student’s report card, transcript or any school document that contains your student’s personal information. If you can’t find it, or if those documents don’t exist yet, then please contact your student’s school to get this information. For school contact information, use the “Schools” menu on this website.

You can use the Online Forms system to:

  • Submit forms online for all children in your family.
  • View your children’s form-submission history.
  • View and save submitted forms as PDFs online.
  • Upload supporting documentation, such as proof of residency, birth, etc.
  • View and download important school-related information.

Advantages of using the Online Forms system include:

  • Saving on paper and postage.
  • Transmitting information conveniently and securely.
  • Viewing and submitting forms from your home, office or mobile device.
  • Reaching multiple schools from a single parent account.
  • Accessible wherever there is an internet connection.
  • Saves time for school office staff members, who no longer need to manually enter form data.