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Amy’s Passport


Hi, I’m Dr. Amy Cashwell and I’m so proud to be the superintendent of Henrico County Public Schools. I come from Virginia Beach, where for 20 years I held a number of positions including classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal and eventually chief academic officer for Teaching and Learning. See more of my bio by clicking on this link.

I started in July of 2018, and since then I’ve been amazed at the opportunities, resources and diversity that Henrico enjoys countywide. You might know that in our school division, at least 85 languages other than English are spoken, and students represent more than 100 countries of origin. In getting to know Henrico County, I feel as if I can travel the world right here at home. That’s when the idea for “Amy’s Passport” was born, first as a blog and now as a booklet.

In December of 2018, I gave the Henrico School Board a synopsis of what I’ve been up to since I arrived, suggested some goals, and I gave them each a copy of a small blue “passport.” I’m pleased to share with you here the digital version of “Amy’s Passport”, a booklet of my Henrico County travels, reflections and next steps. The passport not only recaps my travels and conversations as I got to know our schools and community, it also includes some reflections and ideas for next steps we can take to continue building on Henrico Schools’ tradition of excellence. 

Thank you for welcoming me, and for joining me on this journey. Enjoy the “flippable” booklet available on this page, or scroll down to see some of the past blog entries from the summer and fall of 2018.

Just as travel is about learning and sharing adventures, I hope you’ll give me your thoughts about the journey we’re on as a school division. You can email me any time at 

Click on the digital booklet to flip through Amy’s Passport