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Academic Excellence

Overview of the Goal:

To prepare students to be ready for life and have the knowledge, skills, experiences, and attributes to be successful in a rapidly changing world, Henrico County Public Schools will redesign its curricular, instructional and assessment support around a research-based, common-learning model to go beyond Standards of Learning requirements. The model will provide all learners with personalized pathways through four Deeper Learning pillars, where learning is: anytime and anywhere; authentic and connected; student-owned; and community-supported.

Strategic Goal:

Henrico County Public Schools will achieve academic excellence by transforming teaching and learning to provide engaging learner-centered experiences for all students.

Key Performance Metrics

  • On-Time Graduation Rate (Equity Index)
  • Dropout Rate (Equity Index)
  • Career and Technical Education Credentialing/ Certifications (Equity Index)
  • Language Arts/Math Metrics as outlined in the Literacy and Numeracy Plans
  • School State Accreditation
  • Student Attendance/Chronic Absenteeism (Equity Index)
  • Advanced Course Enrollment (Equity Index)
  • Gifted Identification (Equity Index)

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