Lindsey Eckwright of Glen Lea Elementary

YAY LINDSEY ECKWRIGHT! Lindsey Eckwright, cafeteria manager at Glen Lea Elementary School, is today’s “Yay of the Day” honoree. Superintendent Amy Cashwell honored her recently at the school.
YAYWORTHY: Nominator Olivia Johnston said: “We have several students who have specific diets, and Mrs. Eckwright caters to their individual needs. She always works hard to make every student feel included, and makes sure they have healthy balanced meals each day. She comes in each day with a smile and a positive attitude. Her love for her job, our school and the students is obvious. Mrs. Eckwright is a team player and such a gem to Glen Lea. We love you!”
Thank you for all you do, Lindsey Eckwright, to make a positive difference and move HCPS forward!