Yay of the Day awardees, Patty Anderson and Richele Jenkins of Rivers Edge Elementary School, receiving their swag bag.

YAY PATTY ANDERSON AND RICHELE JENKINS! Patty Anderson, an office assistant at Rivers Edge Elementary School, and Richele Jenkins, Rivers Edge secretary, are today’s “Yay of the Day” honorees. Superintendent Amy Cashwell honored them recently at the school.

YAYWORTHY: Nominator Jyothsna Macherla said of Patty Anderson: “Patty Anderson deserves this award for her sincere dedication and patience toward her job over a long period of time. I have seen her make an impact many times, but one stands out. We had received information that our child was absent from school and called the main office to check on this. ‘Ms. Patty’ was kind enough to understand my tension and assured me that she had seen our child at school that morning and would run to the classroom herself and check. She said she would call me back only if anything seemed amiss. Thankfully, the call never came, but I felt very relaxed and calm knowing that my child was in a safe place. My child came home and mentioned that Ms. Patty did visit her room and checked on her. Patty is very observant and watchful toward her school and the student, which is highly commendable.

“For the five years that we have been part of the REES family, we’ve watched Patty and the main office staff perform their duties quietly and with the utmost sincerity. Thank you so much, Ms. Patty, for helping replace a mother’s tension with peace through your kind act! Many times you’ve answered all my queries too. This has been been long overdue — you deserve the ‘Yay of the Day’!”

Jyothsna Macherla also nominated Richele Jenkins, and said: “I have volunteered and visited the school many times over the past five years, and Richele Jenkins deserves a ‘Yay of the Day’ because of her longtime hard work and dedication. A recent incident calling the Rivers Edge main office for my child made me realize that the office administration is as important as a teacher to the school. They work silently in the background without being noticed and without any appreciation. On many occasions, I have been greeted happily no matter what time of day I arrive. ‘Ms. Richele’ knows her school and job well enough to answer all my queries. Her dedication, honesty and selfless service toward the school and her responsibilities are highly commendable.”

Thank you, Ms. Richele, for your great service to all of us. We appreciate your help and support!”