Jamie Gonzalez
Short Pump MS

YAY JAMIE GONZALEZ! Jamie Gonzalez of Short Pump Middle School is today’s “Yay of the Day” honoree. Superintendent Amy Cashwell honored the social studies teacher recently at the school. He had four nominations!

YAYWORTHY: Nominator Megan Burpo said: “Mr. Gonzalez provides a safe space for all of his students to build community and express themselves. Numerous students come into my counseling office and let me know that Mr. Gonzalez’s class makes them feel safe and allowed to express their true identity. Among his classroom, multicultural club and his role helping with SPMS’ house system, Jaime is truly trying to change the culture of the school with that program, to foster community, collaboration and positivity.”

Jimmy Milcarek said, “He has taken on TWO huge projects this fall. He is the spearhead behind the school’s house system. He has organized, orchestrated, and hyped up the Friday morning movement of ‘mentoring, competing and unity’ through our new house system. He has also used the house system to help generate an unbelievable number of canned goods, clothes, jackets and necessities for area homeless people through a venture he has titled the “Royal Rumble.” He has taken our house system and turned it into a “bragging rights” competition that has generated huge quantities of goods. He has been the spearhead of this entire operation, all while leading his “Unitas” house team to the exciting lead with just one week to go. He is the history chairperson and also runs the school’s multicultural club, in addition to being one of the school’s very best instructors, committed to teaching the whole child. “Hoards of students parade down the halls every day saying things like, “Who’s delivering food to their holiday feast?” They are selflessly driven, all marching to Room 708, believing in Mr. Gonzalez’s vision to make this world a better place!”

Tulasi Velga said, “He cares about students and hosts fun events. Mr. Gonzalez does review sessions before tests and lets us play fun games like ‘Blookets.'”

Saanvi Gourishetty said, “He is passionate abut helping others, encouraging students to be their best and giving opportunities to his students! He and a few other teachers started the tradition of the house system at SPMS, helping us learn how to show leadership as well as give back. Throughout the canned food drive, we have collected food for families who are not in the situation some of the more fortunate are, and he has encouraged all students to bring in canned goods. He is making an impact day by day.”

Thank you for all you do, Jamie Gonzalez, to make a positive difference and move HCPS forward!