July 21 and 28: Stop by free vaccination clinics sponsored by HCPS and Va. Dept. of Health

Students can get 4 vaccines, and anyone can get 1st or 2nd COVID-19 shots

Henrico, Va. July 15, 2021 — Middle and high school students can get a variety of vaccinations at July 21 and 28 walk-in clinics, and any family member can get a first or second COVID-19 vaccine. The two events are the last in a series of comprehensive summer walk-in vaccination clinics being offered by Henrico County Public Schools and the Virginia Department of Health to protect middle and high school students.

“The immunization clinics have been a great success,” said Robin Gilbert, the school division’s supervisor of student health services. “At our July 7 clinic we completed more than 70 immunizations — COVID-19, TDaP, HPV and meningococcal. On July 21 and 28 we’ll be providing the second COVID-19 vaccine to those who visited us at our initial events. But students and families can still come get their first COVID-19 shot at these second events. We will help them onsite to locate an event or location for their follow-up shot in 21 days.”

The division and the VDH will conduct the clinics at three HCPS middle schools. Depending on age and grade, students can get vaccinated for tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, HPV, meningococcal virus and COVID-19. Who can get vaccines and who is required to get them:

  • Meningococcal vaccine: Only rising seventh- and 12th-graders can receive vaccinations. Required for students entering seventh and 12th grade.
  • TDaP vaccine: Students ages 11 or older can be vaccinated. Required for students entering seventh grade.
  • HPV vaccine: Students ages 11 or older can be vaccinated. Not required for enrollment.
  • COVID-19 vaccine: Anyone (student or family) 12 years old and older can be vaccinated. Not required for enrollment. The Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine, which was granted emergency authorization by the FDA for those 12 and older in response to the pandemic, will be available for students. It is also expected to be the vaccine available for adults at the clinics.

Eligible students can get as many as four vaccines at one time (or over the course of two clinics). No appointment is necessary and there is no cost.

Walk-in Summer Comprehensive Vaccination Clinics by HCPS and VDH

Who: All students entering grades 7 or higher, and/or those ages 12 and older (for the COVID-19 vaccine)

When and where:

Wednesday, July 21 (9-11 a.m.)

Wednesday, July 28 (9-11 a.m.)