Elizabeth Allyn-Pritchard posing with her Yay of the Day swag bag.

YAY ELIZABETH-ALLYN PRITCHARD! Elizabeth-Allyn Pritchard of Hermitage High School, is one of today’s “Yay of the Day” honorees. Superintendent Amy Cashwell honored her recently at Hermitage.

YAYWORTHY— Nominator Melinda Kates said: “Mrs. Pritchard’s passion for the multilanguage-learner students is inspirational. She is truly their champion and works above and beyond to accommodate their needs. Additionally, Allyn is always available as a colleague to provide suggestions and tips for working with MLL students. She provides helpful and easily implemented strategies in the classroom for our multilanguage-learners at our faculty meetings. Some of her ideas are remarkable and quite effective.”

Thank you for all you do to make a positive difference and move HCPS forward!