Benjamin Jackson posing with his Yay of the Day bag.

YAY BENJAMIN JACKSON! Benjamin Jackson of Echo Lake Elementary School is today’s “Yay of the Day” honoree. Superintendent Amy Cashwell honored Benjamin recently at Echo Lake.

YAYWORTHY— Benjamin had five nominations! Nominator Wendy Gilmartin said: “Benjamin Jackson’s title is office assistant, but his title really should be Extraordinary Human Being. Benjamin is the kindest, most helpful person in our school. He helped countless teachers set up their equipment at the beginning of the year in order for us to be able to teach virtually. He stops what he is doing and graciously helps all of us with our technology issues. You can walk down the hall and find several teachers swarming around Benjamin waiting for their turn to get his help with technology. I literally wouldn’t have survived this virtual experience without him! Echo Lake was able to have our annual “Sing and Ring” virtually because of his technology skills. He has jumped in everywhere to help make virtual learning a success. There are just countless examples of ways that Benjamin has literally kept Echo Lake up and running.

“Echo Lake’s morning announcements have to be the best in the county! Benjamin has managed to create the best morning announcements. He spends so much time creating the most meaningful segments for our students. We even have a “Where in the World is Bubbles?” segment. Our students are able to send Benjamin pictures of their adventures with a cutout of our mascot, Bubbles the Dolphin. With a map in the background, students are able to see all the places Bubbles has visited in the world — all because of Benjamin! When we didn’t get the snow day in February that we all wanted so badly, Benjamin volunteered to take pictures sent in by parents of students playing in the snow, and created a video to share with the kids on the morning announcements. He has created a way for our day to start out with some sort of normalcy during this virtual (Side note: He even sews the best masks in town! Benjamin is amazing!)”

Michelle Trent said: “He comes to work with a positive attitude and always helps everyone, regardless of need. He is depended on to be our in-person IT liason because of his tech-savvy skills, and to provide morning announcements LIVE every day!”

Maureen Farlow said: “He helps without hesitation and with a joyful disposition.He set up my technology for virtual and in-person learning.”

Linda Korpics said: “He has been there for all of us to assist in all technology issues. On a typical morning at 7:30 he is running from room to room, getting everyone up and running before school starts.”

Denise Hutcheson said: “Benjamin is always there with a great positive, helpful attitude. He has always been there for me whenever I needed help with computer issues.”

Robin Goodman “I have never met anyone who is as kind, has such a positive attitude, and is so willing to help everyone with anything! He is pulled in a million different directions all day long and does it with a smile on his face. I would not have been able to teach virtually this year without his help. He is selfless and generous! Echo Lake would not be the success it is without him! Benjamin makes a positive impact each day by helping others and making everyone he helps feel valued and supported. Kindness is contagious, and he certainly spreads it around. He makes us happier, and being happier makes us kinder, too. His kindness lifts our moods and gives us a positive perspective about taking on new things and feeling brave about doing so.”

Thank you for all you do, Benjamin, to make a positive difference and move HCPS forward!