Rick Schaffer
Maybeury ES

YAY RICK SCHAFFER! Rick Schaffer of Maybeury Elementary School is today’s “Yay of the Day” winner. Superintendent Amy Cashwell honored Rick recently at Maybeury.

YAYWORTHY— Nominator Lisa Rogers said: “Mr. Schaffer’s wit and humor, coupled with his genuine kindness, bring a much-needed ray of sunshine to our Mallards — students and teachers alike — every single day via his morning show broadcast. Mr. Schaffer’s unrelenting focus on our Maybeury community keeps our entire school solidly together during virtual learning. Incorporating “Tuesday Tunes,” Mr. Schaffer has granted our Mallards a shared experience we build on and look forward to weekly. His musical talents showcase inspirational songs, and as if that weren’t enough, he’s evolved the program to grant requests! With his dedication to our morning show, he is the thread that binds us as a school community.”

Kristin Jones said: “Rick positively impacts Maybeury students, staff and parents daily. Although his primary position is library assistant, he has a huge presence in all areas of our campus. This year he has offered countless hours supporting staff with technology challenges as we prepared and worked through the return to learning changes. In addition, Rick produces our Maybeury morning announcements each day and it’s obvious he works hard to make these virtual messages personal and engaging for all the students and staff. My students eagerly await his “Tuesday Tunes,” where Rick plays his guitar and sings to the students during the announcements. Often these are songs that send a positive message to our entire community. Most importantly, Rick deserves a Yay of the Day because he takes time and interest getting to know each student, both in the types of books they read, but also who they are as people. It is obvious that Rick understands that students thrive on the emotional and positive connection they receive from adults, and he consistently provides this for all students.”

“One example of a time he made a difference was when a first-grade student reached out to Rick virtually following a song that he had played during Tuesday Tunes. The song he’d played had reminded her of her mother, who had recently passed away. The student felt a connection to the song and wanted Mr. Schaffer to know. Rick quickly responded and shared some thoughts and positive words with the student. She reported back to me that she felt a connection with Mr. Schaffer and that she was glad she has sent him her video message. Students (and staff) share and go to Mr. Schaffer for many different reasons. His ability to listen to, laugh with and provide positive words and support are well-known. This is only one of the many examples of the positive and supportive impact he has on our entire Mallard community.”

Thank you for all you do, Rick, to make a positive difference and move HCPS forward!