David Morales posing with his Yay of the Day bag.

YAY DAVID MORALES! David Morales of George Moody Middle School is today’s “Yay of the Day” honoree. Superintendent Amy Cashwell honored David recently at Moody.

YAYWORTHY— David had four nominations! Nominator Lily Newmark said: “He deserves the “Yay of the Day because he engages his students and is supportive of them. He tried his best to include both in-person and virtual learning. When people ask him for help, he answers right away and helps them.”

Aryn (and Rachel) Carlson said: “Mr. Morales makes learning history fun by teaching history and relating it to modern day events. My daughter, Rachel, says he is so nice and really cares that the students are learning and engaged. He asks the students interesting questions to ensure that they are learning the material. Mr. Morales keeps his students not only informed about past events, but he also ensures that they understand the history happening in current events.”

“My daughter, Rachel, loves learning history. She says it’s ‘interesting,’ which she never considered before being a student in Mr. Morales’ class. Rachel looks forward to learning about the past and how our current events are shaped by history, which Mr. Morales highlights during his lessons. Rachel most recently completed a WWI timeline that was a fun and engaging way for her to learn in an interactive way, with newspaper articles, photos and details about the important historical events of that time. Even though this project took Rachel many hours to complete, she enjoyed being creative while learning at the same time. Mr. Morales has made learning about history fun and topical for my daughter.”

Audrey Linton said: “Mr. Morales is a very kind and supportive history teacher. He makes his classroom a supportive and engaging environment for both in-person and online kids. Mr. Morales lets us discuss our views and go into detail while also supporting the other side. He shows us the history in a special environment and is one of my favorite teachers.”

Hawi Teju said: “He gives his kids the opportunity to learn. He is very interactive and supportive of his students. For instance, one of our fellow classmates shared something personal and he was very supportive.”

Thank you for all you do, David, to make a positive difference and move HCPS forward!